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PostSubject: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2011 6:18 am

Here you guys go A thread for your fanfic glory <3
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Title : The Goddess

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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2011 6:45 am

Good Idea Very Happy but make sure you mention what kind of material it is XD
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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeTue Oct 18, 2011 11:18 pm

When the kids go to bed - FF7 Universe - After Advent children - Cloud + Tifa pairing but centred around Denzel and Marlene so it's more family based ^_^

Dear Aeris - FF7 Universe - After Advent Children - No pairing, just a little tribute to Aeris but centered around Marlene.

Nanaki's Dream - Originally AU, but I altered it so it doesn't even mention it - After Final Fantasy 7 - No pairing, just a failed nightmare XD This was taken from a roleplay where I rp'ed Red XIII but I think I failed :/

More will probably be coming soon Very Happy
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PostSubject: Lime: Weiss x nero my own fic Chiaroscuro    FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeWed Oct 19, 2011 7:04 pm

In the beginning there was only the three of us, Mother, my Brother and I.
As we grew from toddlers to adolescence the darkness took our mother, and then there was just the two of us, the Immaculate and the Sable.

as the elder I took it upon myself to raise my Brother, I stole begged and killed to feed him so he wouldn’t starve clothe him so he wouldn’t tremble with cold I’d do any and everything to keep him safe, it was my pleasure and duty to care for him, as we grew the darkness that killed out mother grew stronger within the Sable, My Nero.

Since birth he had this frightening ability, the darkness and shadows loved him and it would seep out and curl around his body like a caring parent, this caused our mother to grow afraid, and almost paranoid, terrified that her own shadow would soon attack her.

She regarded her youngest with loathing that would make me almost quake in fear, a fear that she’d send him away, leaving me alone.

I wouldn’t allow that, he was my darkness to tone down the light in myself, light of insanity some might say, he kept me whole without him near me I felt like half human, not part of one whole, as I grew to adolescent hood the thought that we should have been born as one person grew stronger in my mind, I am afraid to say this caused me to be over protective to him ,when out in the streets I’d keep him almost glued to my side, always touching his hair or a shoulder almost like I thought he’d slip through my fingers like the shadows he still struggled to control, he never complained leaning into my side nuzzling into me.

I glared at the other people as they whispered under their breathes at our less than brotherly affection, it had never crossed my mind that what we are doing wasn’t normal, when mother heard the Gossip she went mad and tried to attack my poor Nero, I grabbed her pulling her away from him as she screamed foul things accusing him of seducing me.

He had done nothing and I screamed this at her as she still spat obscenities at him and I could see all hit their mark even if he didn’t fully understand his crimson eyes pleading with her to leave him alone his shadows engulfing in blue black smoke hands going over his ears.

The more afraid she got the louder her insanity grew, I inherited that insanity from her genetically I was immaculate but mentally I was broken a foul thing that delighted in taking life.

I grabbed the knife from her and I’d have killed her strangled and beaten her foul words back into her mouth, but my Nero’s darkness broke free, tendrils streaking out turning into claws that dug into her skin she screamed as she was sucked into the void closing around her, my brothers screams still reverberated into my heart.

I dropped the knife and rushed over to him as he clawed at his own body as if something burned him, and maybe it did our mothers hate had festered and grew.

I did the only thing I could do, it shamed me that I’d done this but I wanted his screaming to stop I dropped in front of him reaching for his face cupping it in my hands
“Nero my darkness, don’t cry, look at me into my eyes, feed me your pain”
He looked at me crimson eyes wet with tears, he looked so beautiful to me then I lowered my head my spiky silver hair falling over my eyes yet I unerringly found his mouth with mine.

he trembled in my arms as I claimed his lips, he pressed closer and I kissed deeper, a soft sigh slipped from his mouth into mine and I pulled him even closer, I craved more body contact with him, my hands ran down his arms, his shivering increased desire fear or cold I wasn’t sure but he didn’t struggle, he sank deeper into me I had to lean back against the wall Pulling him closer, cradling him between my knees I wrapped my arms around him breaking our kiss, he curled into to me almost like a kitten he looked into my eyes and I almost drowned in his.

He still loved me, I hadn’t scared him with my dirty desire, I brushed a lock of wild back hair from his eyes, and his cheeks flushed.

He settled against me and I felt him fall asleep. Holding him in my arms I looked up at nothing it was now just the two of us The Immaculate and the Sable, Chiaroscuro, art in motion and I smiled.

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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 7:09 am

Response to Weiss' Writing:

I loved both the tone and the content, so very dark yet told in a very... 'Weiss-like' voice. I can't quite describe it. I love how you described the claws and the knife; your word choice was absolutely amazing. I just... absolutely loved the way you characterized both Weiss, Nero and their mother... it just seemed, so in character. Amazing use of connotative words and I adored how you used "Chiaroscuro"!

Things I noted that you should watch would be the capital letters. I loved the emphasis of "My Nero" with capital M, great use of poetic license but the words "as" and "he" at the start of paragraphs should have been capitals.

Also, watch the commas XD. I had the very same problem. The reason why this piece felt so 'Weiss-like' was because it felt like Weiss telling the story, verbally, rather than him writing it down. When we speak, we murder the language's grammatical rules, but it wouldn't hurt to maybe shift it up: try using a semi-colon or sentence fragments as dependent clauses here and there. Again, I had the exact same style you did only a year or so ago, so I know what it's like hehe.

And sorry for the detailed review, I beta quite a bit so I'm used to hunting for mistakes.

Even though I found all your mistakes, as a whole I absolutely loved it!!
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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 7:26 am

that has to be the best review I have ever gotten, no one really tells me what Makes it good and what needs improving, I always butcher the English language

I was listening to the Deus ex soundtrack when I wrote this; I think it helped me keep the dark tone as I wrote I may write more, but nero's point of view I mite fail cause I'm not completely sure on what his tone would be.
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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 7:28 am


And if you need to figure out someone's voice I suggest finding an FMV or a scene where they talk a lot and listen, examine, and try!
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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 7:49 am

yeah I'll do that ^w^
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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 11:43 pm

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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2011 6:46 pm

Summary: Sephiroth has Possessed Zack and is using him as a host so Zack gets to train against the others in order to get stronger to fight Sephiroth inside his head...

Warning this entire thing is like super mad long like 11ish pages on MSWord with a 12 point font... soooo yeah...


Zack cracked his neck as he looked round the training room then grabbed the side of it.
“That sounded like it hurt.” Shelke looked up at him.
Zack smiled at the petite girl. “Nah... just fluid in the neck. I've spent more time looking at my feet over these past few weeks, I've forgotten what it was like to look up.”
Cloud walked up to him. “I told Rufus about earlier... He's vacated the area just in case. Tseng made him.”
Zack smiled. “That's good. I don't want to hurt anybody.”
“So how we doing this spiky?” Barrett asked clipping a bazooka change on to his bionic arm.
Zack's eye twitched at the sight of the gun. 'Ooooh that is sooooo going to hurt.' He thought ruefully.
Zack laughed. “Um I hadn't thought about that really.”
“I say we take him all on at once!” Yuffie announced.
“I'm down with that.” Cid agreed flicking under his nose with a smirk.
Vincent looked to Zack, saying nothing but Zack knew that look and his eye twitched nervously as Vincent's hand moved towards Death Penalty.
“I have some Curaga if you're worried about getting hurt.” Red XIII spoke to Zack.
Zack rubbed behind his neck seeing Vincent pull his hand back from Death Penalty.
“I say we split into two groups, Cid, Barrett, Yuffie, Red. You four take on Zack first. Treat it like he is Sephiroth.” Vincent stated. “Cloud, Tifa, myself and Shelke will be in a round after Zack has recovered.”
Zack let out a breath of relieve.
“Oooooh and how about us then?” Reno's voice purred from the door.
Zack's head shot up and he looked at Reno, Rude, Elena and Cissnei and he sweatdropped.
“I'm feeling a little out numbered here.” Zack laughed nervously.
“Good because this is long over due.” Vincent stated, red eyes narrowing.
Zack cleared his throat. 'I feel like I'm being punished here... but yet I want this, it's an odd feeling.' He jumped a few feet back into the center of the room. “Alright then whose first?!” He cried bouncing from one foot to the other a grin spreading across his mouth.


Rufus sat behind his desk watching the camera in the training room. He was far away from them just in case Zack's 'mood' switched again. Tseng's insistence.
“I believe Zack needs to stretch his legs.” Rufus mused.
Tseng frowned. “I can't believe the energy overflowed.”
“We were a bit to arrogant to think Zack could handle everything. This is Genesis we are talking about.” Rufus commented over steepled fingers.
Tseng looked at him.
“I heard something interesting on the grape vein about left over fighters from Deepground being stirred up.” Rufus continued. “Rumour has it... Weiss is still-” Rufus stopped seeing Tseng's raised brow.
“You decided to inform me of this now... why?” The Wutai man seemed slightly irritated, but nothing more than what usually showed on his stoic expression.
“You've been preoccupied Tseng. First Zack, the that incident with Sephiroth... now Elena.” Rufus commented.
Tseng cleared his throat. “Sir...”
“Don't worry to much. Everyone has needs once in a while. Even you. You are only human after all.” Rufus seemed to smirk. “We can discuss this later. For now I'd like to enjoy the show.”


His left hand slapped against the ground and he flipped backwards, once avoiding the jab of a spear, he spun around on his hand his knee catching Cid in the jaw. The impact sending the blonde back before Zack flipped backwards several more times as Red ran at him. Landing on his feet he pushed himself skyward wings sprouting out as he glided up. Spinning round and drawing the buster sword out he blocked the giant shuriken of Yuffie sending it back in her direction.
The Ninja jumping up and catching it. “Cheater! Cheater! We can't fly.”


Barrett pointed his bazooka attachment at him the gun lighting up as it loaded before firing at Zack.
Zack spun out of the way the blast knocking him to the wall. His boots landing against the metal with a clunk and he grinned pushing off the wall towards them the sword in hand and the blade glinted like it was smiling.
“Oooooh shit!” Barrett cursed shaking his arm as it took it's time reloading.

“Well somebody's having fun.” Reno remarked standing next to Cloud watching Zack.
Cissnei tapped her chin. “Perhaps Tseng has been going about this all wrong.” She mused. “It's like he never stopped fighting.”
“You forget it's the Jenova and Mako combination that gives him that strength.” Elena added watching Zack as he spun round blade hitting with Barrett's arm, the blast hitting the ceiling the grin on the former First Class's face growing.
Vincent's red eyes narrowed. “But can he defeat Sephiroth with this strength.”
“This is why we're fighting him.” Cloud stated. “He can't do this alone.”

Zack flipped back again landing on his feet with a laugh as he blocked Cid's spear jab. Before jumping up as Red lunged at Zack, he hovered high above their heads. Zack holding his hand up the array suddenly appearing underneath their feet.
“Whoa... what's that?” Cid asked.
“MOVE IT OR LOOOOOOOOOSE IT!” Yuffie shouted running as a burst of fireballs came from above them.

Cissnei felt her hand move to her chest. Could she really fight him when she had these feelings forming.
Her hand was grabbed and squeezed, she glanced at Tifa who smiled at her. “It's just training. He would never hurt you on purpose.”
“She's right. He's only dishing out what he thinks they can handle yo. I've seen the guy fight before. He's no Sephiroth, but he's just as mental.”
“A true SOLDIER...” Cloud murmured.
Cissnei looked at the blonde as he stood there head tilted up watching Zack.

Zack landed with a clunk on the ground, in a crouched position before the wings retracted and he looked up the corner of his mouth tilted up in a smirk.
“Why you...” Cid charged.
“Cid damnit!” Yuffie raced after him before throwing her shuriken.
“Are you alright?” Red asked pulling Barrett up off the ground.
The big man pushing up on his hands and knees coughing up a puff of smoke. He thumped his chest before standing up and looking at his arm he pointed it in Zack direction before firing.

Zack knocked the shuriken back it spun to the side whizzing just past Cloud's head before impaling in the wall. Cloud not moving just watching him arms crossed an unreadable expression on his face.
Zack saluted his friend before dodging the spear spinning round behind Cid, his hand hooking into the back of his collar and tossing him to the side. Pulling the buster sword from his back he deflected Barrett's blast sending it up and through the ceiling.

The debris falling around him landing on the others, Zack looked to the side seeing Cid get up dusting his shoulder down.
“We'll I'll be...” Cid commented.
“You're a big fat cheater!” Yuffie accused him, she shook her head shaking the dust out.
Zack raised a brow. “How?”
“You flew.” She pointed.
“Sephiroth flies... you were told to fight me as if I were Sephiroth. If that's all you got then I'm surprised you're all still alive.” Zack stated.

Cloud frowned at the tone. It was a bit harsh for Zack and he cleared his throat. “Reno...”
“Got it yo...” Reno flicked his EMR on pointing the rod up in the air.
Zack looked up Cloud caught the Mako eyes looking at him, and he saw the smirk, he knew what Zack was thinking automatically and he sighed.
Zack's eyes seemed to flash for a moment and Cloud knew that look was the pure enjoyment of battle.
“TURKS GO!” Reno shouted.

Zack spun round his arm knocking Rude's fist to the air, knee shooting up knocking Rude into the air leg shooting out to the side kicking Rude to the side. His other hand caught Reno's EMR he could feel the surge of electricity shoot through his hand and he let go shaking his sparking hand. His head swooped to the side as Reno's leg spun round. The other leg followed and Zack just calmly stepped back and then another step, head dodging the long legs.
He stopped as he felt a gun pressed into the left side of his back. “Don't forget about us.” Elena's voice commented behind him.

Spinning round Elena's gun got caught between his back and his buster sword Zack's hands moving behind he caught the gun and the other hand drew the buster sword.
Reno smirked down the barrel of the gun before glancing at Elena with the buster sword pressed against her neck.
“Anybody would think you were getting off on this.” Reno taunted.

Zack heard the whirling noise glancing over his shoulder seeing the flash of red and he jumped up flipping backwards over the shuriken, Reno and Elena bending over backwards as the shuriken flew over them.
Zack landed on the ground. He spun round dodging Cissnei's fist and dropped his hand to the ground flipped backwards twirling on his hand as Reno spun past his leg shooting out.
Zack flipped to his feet and spun the buster sword round before slicing it forward in front of him sending out the shock wave through the ground.
Cissnei jumped up her leg spinning round in a round house catching Zack in the shoulder knocking him back a couple of steps. She ran past him and his eyes followed her as he ducked as Rude's fist shot out at his head.
Zack slammed the sword into the ground. His hand sitting on the top of the handle his head ducking and dodging the fury of fists. His hand sliding down the handle he gripped the sword before both his legs shot out. One arm on the handle holding his entire body weight up on the blade. His feet impacted against Rude's chest, knocking the big guy back.
Zack's eyes meet Reno's and the red head smirked.
“Now you're just showing off yo.”

Zack lowered his feet to the ground and he saw the shuriken fly at him Cissnei running after it and he pulled the blade from the ground catching the shuriken on the buster sword he flung it at Cissnei. She jumped up flipping forward over it, landing on her hands she bounced off the ground her legs catching Zack round the neck and twisting to the side flinging Zack back a few meters.
Zack's hand slammed on the ground and his feet hit the ground and he slid back a few meters, looking up at her he saw her hold up her hand the shuriken land back in her hand and she flicked him a smirk.
Zack jumped up flipping over Elena as she ran at him her foot sweeping out. Elena pulling out a second gun firing five shots.
Zack spun round drawing the buster sword out deflecting the bullets, spinning the sword round he clipped it back in place.

Cloud looked to where Barrett stood rolling his shoulder watching Zack, Cid next to him shaking the dust from his jacket, Yuffie had her arms crossed, while Red sat at Cloud's feet.
“He moves like someone trained in ShinRa.” Red mused.
“He's good.” Cid commented.
Cloud merely nodded silently.

Zack's hand shot out catching Reno's leg as it moved towards his neck spinning round he flung Reno to the side into Rude.
Rude caught Reno skidding back a few feet.
Reno rubbed behind his neck and grinned up at Rude. “Nice catch partner.”
Rude cleared his throat.
Zack cracked his neck and he watched as Elena ran at him one side and Cissnei from the other. His arm shot up flicking out deflecting Elena's attack letting her fall past him.
His other hand caught Cissnei's hand, he lifted her arm up twirling her round out then in like a dance partner, pulling her into his chest he chuckled as she flushed.
“When I beat you... you owe me a date.” He chuckled.
“Zack!” He heard Cloud shout. “Take this seriously!”
Cissnei smirked at him. “You never change perhaps you should make that offer to Cloud when you fight him.” She pushed him back her elbow shooting up and he blocked with his own elbow.

Elena reloaded a new clip into the gun and started firing off another five shots.
Zack pushed Cissnei out of the way spinning round as the bullets rolled over his shoulder, just missing him.
Elena pulled out another clip firing another round at him.
Cissnei rolled along the ground grabbing her shuriken and throwing it into the mix.
Zack flipped backwards several times away from the bullets before letting his hand drop behind him to the ground and his back arched as the shuriken few over him again. He pushed himself up.
“Whhhooo.” He blocked Reno's EMR then caught the redhead's wrist and with a single flick sent the redhead flying to the side.

Reno's hand caught the ground and his feet landed on the ground and he stood up looking over his shoulder at Zack seeing Rude and his fists of fury. Zack's arm swooping round deflecting several punches before his foot shot out between Rude's feet his ankle twisting taking out Rude's foot and then his knee flicking to the side catching Rude's knee making the Turk drop to a knee. Zack's elbow landing in Rude's back dropping him to the ground.

Elena fired off five more rounds.
Zack hit the ground and he pushed up on his hands as Rude's leg shot out and he flipped backwards onto his feet.
“Dude's like a ninja.” Reno chuckled.
Cissnei ran past Elena and spun her shuriken through the air. Zack dodged and then spun round and gasped as Cissnei's leg moved between his her hip pressing up against his and her hand shot out flipping Zack.

Zack's hands hit the ground and he pushed off on them landing on his feet.
“Little minx.” He chuckled. “Time to end this.” He pulled the buster sword off his back and flung the sword to the side it twanged as it landed embedded in the wall.
Zack ran past Reno, who gave chase. Running up the wall and flipping over Reno he spun round his leg snapping into Reno's hip and sending the red head into the wall. He grinned seeing Elena and Cissnei standing side by side looking at him and he grinned.
“I'm sorry where are my manners. Ladies first.” He held open his arms.
Elena ran at him and Zack grinned jumping up over her round house, then caught her foot in the midst of her back kick and lifted her up off the ground flinging her over his shoulder.
Her hands thumping him in the middle of the back.
“Zack! Put me down!”

Cloud's hand slapped his forehead as he heard Tifa let out a chuckle.
“You never change.” Cloud grumbled.
Even Vincent's brow quirked up as Zack blocked Cissnei's fist one handed, spinning round behind her and scooping her up also.
“Now I just think he's toying around.” Vincent commented.

“Catch!” Zack shouted and Rude jumped forward catching Elena. Who huffed her eye twitching in annoyance, her arms crossing.
Reno rubbed behind his neck watching Zack standing there with Cissnei over his shoulder. The red headed Turk had her elbow resting on the back of Zack's shoulder blades her head in her hand, blowing up into her fringe she blew the hair out of her eyes.
Reno chuckled. “Cissnei anyone tell you you make a cute hostage.”
“I'm going to hurt you later Reno.”
Reno winked. “Ooooh you promise yo?”

Zack set Cissnei down, his hands on his hips. “Now you owe me a date.”
Cloud stalked up to Zack grabbing him by the ear.
“Ow ow ow ow.... hey Cloudy I was just kidding...” Cloud pushed him towards where the sword was.
“Round three Zack get ready.” Cloud stated.
Zack rubbed his ear and he saw Vincent, Tifa and Shelke step up behind Cloud and the corner of his mouth tiled up in a smirk.
“Now this is going to get interesting.” Zack chuckled pulling the buster sword out of the wall with ease.

Shelke stepped forward and Zack looked at her curiously and she reached behind her legs pulling out her EM Sabers and they lit up, the light shooting out from either end.
“That's pretty cool.” Zack commented.
Shelke's eye began to glow the same orange color of the sabers.
“Or freaky...” He added and jumped back as Shelke charged at him spinning round a saber in each hand.
Zack blocked with the buster sword as the lights spun round blade after blade hitting the sword. He looked beyond Shelke seeing Tifa pulling out her leather gloves and putting them on.
Zack spun round the sword striking at Shelke, her blades crossed in front of herself and Zack felt the shock as his blade hit the barrier and he flipped a couple feet backwards and looked at her.
“Now that's a neat trick.” He smirked.
She dropped the barrier and dropped into a stance. Zack blinked as Tifa suddenly shot past her jumping through the air her leg flicking out. Zack dropped back his hands landing on the ground under him as she sailed over her feet squeaking as she slid across the ground.
Zack saw Cloud coming at him from above and he chuckled and pushed himself up twisting to the side rolling out of way grabbing the sword. He saw the sword hit the ground before spinning to the side coming at him.
Zack only just managed to block Cloud in time before flipping back on one hand. Landing on his feet his grin grew.
“This is going to be awesome!”

Cloud let out a defeated sigh. “If I had known I'd have done this more often.”
“We were worried about Sephiroth coming through.” Vincent stated.
“Are you sure it would have ended the way you wanted it to yo?!” Reno called from the sideline teasingly.
Cloud's eye twitched.
“Ignore him...” Shelke stated. “He's still got plenty of energy left. You can probably manage your one on one battle after this.”
“Zack... after this... a one on one against Cloud so he can kick your ass!” Yuffie shouted.

Zack stood up and blinked before he grinned. “Now that's going to be fun!”
“Enough talk lets go.” Vincent pointed Death Penalty at Zack firing off a series of round.
Zack flicked the blade round deflecting the bullets and he watched as Vincent leapt up into the air reloading as he did so Zack smirked. He dropped back as Tifa flew at him, he caught her in the stomach pushing her up in to the air, before spinning out of the way of Shelke's EM Sabers as they sliced through the air grazing just by him to the point where he could feel the heat of the saber's energy.
Flipping backwards as the bullets rained on him from above. Watching Vincent land in front of him cape flapping behind him to settle into the natural wave of gravity.
Zack dodged the swipe of the claw and blade knocked the gun up as it fired. He glanced up worried about Tifa and saw Cloud had pulled her out of the way of the bullet. Flipping backwards and spinning to the side as the sabers slashed at him. Shelke ran at him and he deflected the saber twisting round behind Shelke his arm hooking into hers and then flinging her backwards. Vincent catching the young girl.

Zack could feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins as he just missed Tifa's foot, her hand catching his arm pulling him off balance and with her. Her feet pushing up off the ground pulling him up, Zack lost grip of the sword as it spun in the air. Tifa with her strength flung him towards the ground.
Zack twisted his body round his feet landing with a large crack in the ground. Flicking his neck to the side a loud crack emerged and he rolled his shoulder before holding up his hand the buster sword landing in his hand he spun it round.
Cloud ran at him their blades meeting with a large clang.


Tseng's eyes had followed what he could on the screen. Zack had been one of the best, and it still showed. It amazed him that with hardly any follow up training it looked like he had greatly improved.
“If we end up saving him... I believe Reeve and I would have a good use for him.” Rufus commented.
Tseng looked to Rufus. He didn't like the tone but he remained silent trying to keep a no tell tale sign of his true thoughts on that on his face.
“With the WRO ShinRa merger. I'm sure after this Zack would not fit in well in normal society unless he became a mercenary.” Rufus continued. “Fighting the good fight is all he's known. He would be an asset against Deepground's left over minions.”
Tseng looked to the screen watching Cloud and Zack. “They both would be.”
“You know Cloud would never join anything with ShinRa. But Zack ShinRa is all he's known.” Rufus commented.
“Your father had ordered his termination I'm not sure he would-” Tseng stopped. “But I'm sure he knows you are not your father.”
Rufus nodded. “Point taken Tseng. But we shall see.”


Reno stood next to Rude hands shoved in his pockets. “Hey partner did we state this was a materia free fight?”
Rude shook his head. “Not that I'm aware of.”
“Not once has he used any materia.” Reno mused, he could have ended the battle easily. 'What are you up to Zack? It's not like you to not use materia.' Reno added in thought.

Cloud pushed off the wall and landed behind Zack who blocked with the buster sword before pulling out Elena's stolen gun and firing off a few shots towards Shelke.
Shelke's barrier shooting up as she crossed the sabers. The bullets bouncing off she blinked surprised. Zack spun round flicking the blade round to the flat side and pushing back against it shoving Cloud back a few feet.
Cloud shocking spun back a few meters before his feet hit the ground skidding for a moment.

Vincent landed by Shelke's side. “You okay?” He asked.
Shelke nodded. “I'm fine. I just wasn't expecting that.”
“It's not like Zack to use a gun, he hates the things.” Tifa remarked.
“He's using whatever he can to fight us I believe, being that to fight Sephiroth he won't have use of any materia but he will have access to whatever is in that dream state.” Vincent commented.
“He doesn't even look tired.” Shelke mused.
Vincent nodded his head. “It takes a lot to wear a SOLDIER down this man took on over a thousand ShinRa troops by himself. We are not a thousand but a few.” With that Vincent took off to the air running along the wall firing the bullets down at Zack.

Zack spun the blade round several times over his head deflecting the bullets. Running to the wall he ran up the side of the wall and pushed up off the wall flying above Vincent's head spinning the blade round he pointed it down as several meteor shots rained on the group below him.

Vincent was quick in reacting grabbing Shelke and wrapping her in his cloak as the fireballs hit the ground.
Cloud rolled out of the way and he glanced to Tifa to see her flipping backwards as Vincent glided in towards her catching her in his cape.

Zack landed on the ground with a clunk. He looked round at the shattered and torn ground and rubbed behind his neck. “Um whooops.”
Cloud pushed the rubble of him and let out a breath resting his head in his hand and looking at Zack with flat eyes.
“Errrr Sorry Cloudy.” He ran up to him pulling him up.
Vincent opened his cloak up, Tifa and Shelke safe.
“Guess I got a little excited then. Sorry guys.” Zack apologized.
“It's okay.” Tifa smiled. “It's nice to see you smile.”
Shelke nodded. “I'm sure you boys could probably find somewhere else to train.”

Cloud felt Zack ruffle his spikes up shaking the debris out his hair.
“Do you still have strength to keep going?” Zack asked.
“Yeah I'll be fine.” Cloud replied and looked round the damaged interior.
Reno walked up behind Zack slapping him on the back. “And without the use of any materia. Interesting choice.” He commented.

Zack blinked and rubbed behind his head. “Yeah I was going to but then I realized I forgot to equip it.” He laughed.
“You didn't forget.” Vincent commented.
Zack nodded. “You saw through that huh?” He looked up at the hole in the ceiling. “This was fun, but I was playing. I need to get serious.” He lifted his hand up looking at blue sky above them.


Cloud stepped across the ground, the new site they had chosen was outdoors, not far from the training ground. It was vacated and due for demolition. The entire area looked like it had nothing left going for it.
Cloud's steps were steady and he heard the others walking behind him. He could hear Zack's steps clear, his eyes closed. To fight Zack, even if it was training he was mentally hesitant.
Zack bounced up to him and hopped past, Cloud watching his friend and mentor excited like a puppy going for a walk. The corner of his mouth tilted up in a smirk, if only he could be excited as easily.
“This is going to be awesome!” Zack exclaimed. “This is getting my blood pumped really!” He turned round hopping backwards looking at Cloud grinning childishly.
“Really Zack?” Cloud asked.
“Can we start now?” Zack hopped back a few feet.
Cloud motioned. “Tseng says we can use this area up ahead.”

Zack turned round and he looked at the clearing between several large condemned buildings.
He took in how high the buildings stretched as if they were merging with the sky themselves.
“This entire suburb has been on ShinRa's list for demolition so they can build a military base out here for the WRO.” Cloud stated.
“The entire suburb!” Zack exclaimed.
Cloud nodded. “There was a serious case of Geostigma here that wiped out a lot of the people. Because of that no one wants to move here. Those who were stuck after the end of Geostigma, WRO moved them and helped them into better neighbourhoods.”
Zack smiled. “That was nice of them.”
“Well duh.” Reno stated behind them. “It's run by Reeve... he's become Mr Sensitivity since-” The red head paused and cleared his throat. “Well yeah then.” He stopped seeing Zack turn and look at him.
“I wish I coulda helped.” Zack looked up at the sky.
“You did.” Tifa commented. “You kept Cloud alive.”

Cloud cleared his throat then felt Zack's arm wrap round his neck pulling him into his chest and ruffling his hair.
“My pleasure. It was nice to meet someone else from a backwater town in the military all of them were mostly city boys.” Zack let Cloud go.
Cloud let out a breath. He stopped seeing Zack run into the clearing his excitement was obvious.
“You guys make sure you stay back okay?” Cloud commented to the group behind him.
“I'm staying here yo.” Reno commented.
“Zack!” Cissnei called out.
Zack looked at her and waved. “You can do it.”
“Oh yeah I'm on fire now!” Zack bounced round as he felt the stars fly around him
“Hey hey hey no outside help!” Yuffie pointed. “No cheating I saw what you did there!” She turned round and poked Cloud in the chest. “No getting soft there or I'm claiming my materia back!”
Cloud smiled. “Promise.” He walked to the clearing his hand reaching behind drawing out the blade.

Zack stopped bouncing on the spot and he drew the buster sword out spinning it round.
Cloud placed one foot forward before pushing off from his back foot charging at Zack.
Blades meeting with a clang, Zack pushed back against the blade. Cloud's front foot move behind as he bounced on the ground then using that momentum jumped forward.
Zack felt the weight against his blade and he smirked. Spinning round behind Cloud the blonde spun round drawing another blade from the sword he blocked.
“Ooooh I have got to get me one of those!” Zack chuckled.
He charged at Cloud, Cloud blocked bringing the other blade round. Zack twisted the buster sword round catching the second blade in between the hilt and handle before kicking Cloud back.
Cloud skidded back a few feet before pushing up into the air, and Zack leapt up after him their blades meeting, the clanging echoing throughout the area.

The lights flashed in the sky above them as Reno let out a low whistle.
“Well this might take some time... I shoulda brought some alcohol.”
Rude elbowed him in the side.
Cissnei saw Tifa watching the two of them before she stepped up to the female bar tender.
“What do you think?”
“I think boys will always be boys.” Tifa turned to smile at her.

Zack landed crouched on a window ledge he looked at Cloud on the building across the way standing on the blade of his sword embedded into the side of the building.
It was only at that moment he caught on that Sephiroth was silent and he frowned. Before pushing off from the ledge he charged at Cloud his fist managing to catch Cloud in the stomach before he dashed past then he shot back hitting Cloud in the back as he passed then spun round bringing his knee up then several more punches.
He landed on another ledge as Cloud flipped back grabbing onto the hilt of the sword he looked at Zack as he landed back on the blade.
'Why are you quiet Seph? It makes me nervous.' Zack thought. He was fighting Cloud he thought that this would have stirred Sephiroth up more than anything.
There was nothing silence and Zack swallowed he saw Cloud bounce off the blade spinning round he pulled the blade from the wall and free fell to the ground twisting round Cloud landed on the ground below him.
Zack let his wings come out and he jumped off the ledge soaring down towards Cloud blade ready.

Cloud's blade blocked Zack and he raised a brow Zack looked serious all of a sudden.
“Zack...” He breathed.
“I can't hear him... feel him Cloud...” Zack whispered before he jumped back flipping across the ground.
Cloud blinked and he saw the one black wing the one white wing, the mako green eyes looked at him from the distance.
“Sephiroth...” He saw the flash of the black coat then nothing. “Stay away from him.” He growled charging at Zack.

The swords clanged together and Zack saw the flash of the masumune in his hands before he pulled it back stumbling for a moment before the buster sword seemed to flicked between the two indecisive.
“Zack Focus!” Cloud shouted.
Zack... you can't feel me because you are me.
Cloud froze and Zack dropped the sword his hands moving to his ears. “Don't...” he held his hand up to stop Cloud getting close.
Zack retracted the wings and he felt the extra weight form over his shoulders and he saw the jacket, Sephiroth's jacket, he pulled it off tossing it to the side jumping back a few feet.
“No! Let me finish! Let me have what I want!” Zack shouted as the fire shot up around him. “I won't be you!”
Cloud watched the flames as they seemed to consume his friend. His fist clenched and he ran at the fire the blade drawn.

Tifa went to run forward and Cissnei caught her wrist. “Don't we can't get near them it's Cloud's job and Cloud's alone to pull him back.”
Tifa saw Reno his eyes narrowing. “C'mon Zack... not now... you're stronger than that.”
“This is what Tseng was afraid of... why he didn't want to do this. Sephiroth was trained for battle.” Elena whispered. “And who else does Sephiroth like to fight more than Cloud.”

The hilt of Cloud's sword connected with Zack's stomach and he doubled over.
“Zack! Snap out of it!” Cloud shouted.
He blinked seeing Zack's mouth tilt up in a smirk. “Thanks Cloudy...”
The flames dying around them and he walked to where the sword lay and Zack picked it up watching as it transformed back into the buster sword and he pulled it up resting his forehead against the side of the blade closing his eyes.
“Angeal... help me, give me strength.” He whispered to the sword.
Cloud stood behind watching the motion.
“Zack?” Cloud asked worriedly.
“I'm okay Cloudy.” Zack replied not turning round or lowering the blade.
Cloud frowned. “We're going to stop now Zack.”
Zack shook his head, his voice low. “No we're not Cloud I need to know- No... I need to make you-”
With that Zack spun round the blade slamming into the ground.
The energy shooting through the ground.
Cloud leapt up into the air Zack pushing up off the ground with just as much ease.
The blades clanged together again louder, fiercely reverberating through the area as the fiery flames shot out around Zack.

Cloud growled low. “Zack!”
“Do it... before he consumes me!” Zack shouted.
Zack's blade swung at him and Cloud forced himself up jumping onto the flat side of Zack's blade propelling himself up higher into the air.
Zack flew up at him blade spinning round. Cloud blocked with both swords before the blade clanged against both of them sending him flying backwards with an strength Cloud hadn't felt since... Sephiroth.

Cloud hit the wall the building shaking with the impact. He slid down the wall before grabbing a ledge and Zack shot up above him towards the building the sword flicking out the energy of the blade slicing through the building above them.
Cloud watched at the building above him began to crumble and he placed his feet against the wall and pushed off from it avoiding the debris falling down.
He flung the sword up slicing through several of the larger debris and he saw Zack flying down through them, it was definitely Zack but this moment was so familiar to back then and then he saw it.
Zack was holding the masumune.

Cloud felt something clench at his heart and his fist turned the blade round and he flicked it up sending a wave of energy through the air.
Zack twirled to the side his hand falling onto one of the debris and flipping over it his foot connecting with Cloud's chest sending him falling down to the ground.

Cloud spun round and his feet landed on the ground with a crunch of his boots.
Zack landed opposite him the dust and debris falling to the ground around them. It was still Zack standing there, the sword was definitely the masumune though.
“Zack we need to stop.”
Zack looked at him the corner of his mouth tilted up in a smirk. “You should feel this Cloud... this power... it's... good.”
Cloud dropped back into a stance. “But it's not good for you Zack.”
“I'm going to save him... I can save him...” Zack repeated.
Cloud shook his head. “No Zack you can't...” With that he pushed off the ground flying towards Zack both blades spinning in front of him.
The clang of the swords shook the entire area the building behind them finally falling to the ground, shaking the very earth they stood upon.

Cissnei watched as she held Tifa's arm stopping the fist fighter from running in.
“Zack... you can do it.” She whispered.

Zack could feel him, he could feel Sephiroth's essence, his energy wrapped around him. But not a word was said, he could feel the strength, the power of the silver haired fighter like that guiding him. The masumune felt so right in his hands. His hand on the hilt his other hand moving along the blade. He could feel the corner of his mouth tilt up in a smirk.
He saw Cloud gasping for breath, holding his sword out in front of himself.
“Tired are we?”
“Maybe.” Cloud replied before charging at him and then the sword moved of it's own accord and Zack stopped, Cloud threw the blades to side running at him.
Zack froze and saw Cloud had purposely impaled himself on the Masumune. Cloud's hand moved to the blade and he looked down at Zack.
“Me or him Zack... you can't have us both.” Cloud pulled himself down on the sword further.
“C-cloud... stop. D-don't.” Zack could feel his body shake.
Cloud pulled himself down on the sword further.
Zack lowered the sword so Cloud's feet were on the ground. He blinked looking at his hands. “I...I'm sorry...” Zack's foot shot up and he kicked Cloud off the blade before flicking it to the side the blade transforming back into the buster sword and he clipped it back in place on his back before walking up to where Cloud lay on the ground.
Zack walked up to where Cloud lay and he fell to his knees.
“Damnit Cloud you impulsive bastard. Where the hell did you ever get that from?” Zack pulled out a curaga from Cloud's materia bracelet activating it over the blonde.
Cloud laughed. “Gee I wonder.”
Zack looked at him his head dropping. “Lets go home...”

Cloud pushed himself up and he looked over at Tifa running up to him and he felt himself encased in her arms.

Zack stood up slowly looking down at his own hands. “What's happening to me?” He looked up at the blue sky.
He closed his eyes waiting for someone to chew him out. But nothing instead he just felt Cissnei's hand move over his and she looked up at him.
“Tomorrow night...” She said.
Zack blinked “huh?”
“We'll go on that date tomorrow night. I have a night off.” She wrapped her arms round his waist.
Zack pulled her close and he rested his chin on her head.

(it's not beta'd or anything but there we go my mad long fight scene)
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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeSat Oct 22, 2011 1:41 am

Maybe we should make a rule that is a fic is over 1k words we should link it from somewhere else? Like google docs?

Oh: And if anyone needs a beta, I can.
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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeSat Oct 22, 2011 7:52 am

I would have linked it but yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah >.>; that's the only reason I posted it here... the rest of the fic is NOT worksafe... that part was mind you....
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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeSat Oct 22, 2011 8:20 am

What is a beta? Like an editor?
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Jenova wrote:
What is a beta? Like an editor?

I assume its like a proof-reader type role.
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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeSat Oct 22, 2011 12:33 pm

yup like an editor
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if you get a really awesome one they will not only proof read, spell and grammar check but they also point out parts in the fic where it doesn't seem to flow as well <3

I never knew what they used to be called either till I hit FFnet.
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Let's ask Weiss if I do that XD
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that you do

My darkness is so smart!~ XD best beta ever
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Haha, aww. But offer still stands: Anyone who wants a beta, I will volunteer. Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeSat Oct 22, 2011 3:39 pm

I shall write more... mite do a seph x Zack scene but I'm not that great at writing as them >.< I'm normally an original writer
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Speaking of the almighty General... I actually started that fic idea I mentioned to you on Y! >.> damnit...

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what fic?
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*perks up* Seph/Zack?
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Seph/Zack is <3
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PostSubject: Re: FanFic Thread   FanFic Thread Icon_minitimeSun Oct 23, 2011 6:39 am

Yep it will be an eventual Seph/Zack... I called it no stars in Midgar cause I fail at titles... only got part of the prologue done atm cause trying to figure out timeline stuffs...
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FanFic Thread
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