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 Chocobo Nest Rules - Please Read

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PostSubject: Chocobo Nest Rules - Please Read   Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:05 am

Hey all,just some short ground rules for the Nest.

1. No spamming or inappropriate behaviour (i.e insults,racial slurs,religous attacks,so on)

2. Keep Discussions to Designated threads - Keep on topic,there is a thread for every walk of life to enjoy conversation. If a thread gets too off-topic there will be a message to get a discussion back on topic. If a thread gets continuiously Off-topic it will be closed Or users will be asked to take the conversation to the appropriate thread.

Thats about it,pretty cruisy ship.

Any problems or Issues contact me or any of the other mods.

Thanks. Cool
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Chocobo Nest Rules - Please Read
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