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 Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read

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PostSubject: Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read   Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Icon_minitimeWed Oct 26, 2011 4:11 pm


The sun rises over Midgar, its a quiet day with a soft breeze, A perfect day... perhaps its last. Unknown to the world the remnants of a rival company to Shinra's World Regensis Organization, DeepGround have re-surfaced. To strike back at Shinra's attempts to repair the damaged lifestream, DeepGround have found a way to tap into the lifestream itself and use it as energy, in doing so they are choking the stream. The effects of DeepGround's efforts are quick to realize as plants begin to die, leaving once lush areas nothing but barren wastelands. The Earth, desperate to keep the balance has broken up the lifestream as those soul's that proven their strength and will have able to regenerate their once physical forms. If DeepGround is not stopped, the Earth and the Human race could be on its last days.


There are no physical bodies in the lifestream... Well not anymore.
There are no souls enjoying the peace of the planet's given afterlife.
The lifestream seemed to only trickle through the sky as if it was being slowly chocked out of existence.
With no lifestream to balance the planet there was nowhere for the souls of the dearly departed to go.

There was only one place left the planet's last hope to try and rejuvenate itself.
To reject the souls back into the world of the living giving them the last of it's strength and power to reform their bodies from astral to physical...

There was no warning for those who had departed only the feeling of falling as opposed to the previous floating sensation they had been used to.
So sent back to the planet they were and not in the graceful way they were taken into the sky. But thundering down in an inhuman speed as if meteor was returning...

Where they landed was solely up to where they had died...

~1st Arch: Midgar / ShinRa HQ~

Vincent finds Zack at the place of his death overlooking Midgar. The two make the walk towards Midgar, attacked by monsters along the way it has come to their attention that the monster's bodies are not returning to the lifestream instead they are left to rot.
At this time Sephiroth has returned, along with Genesis. Seeking answers Sephiroth makes his trek towards the church in the slums.
Meanwhile Yuffie is sifting through Midgar's ruins it has come to her attention that everything is dying again.

When in Midgar Vincent heads to ShinRa HQ, Yuffie already inside infiltrating Deepground's new base of operations. Zack heads to the church in the slums wanting to collect Angeal's sword. Vincent, Zack, Yuffie in three different locations come across Deepground's military. Genesis finds Sephiroth wandering and a truce is called in order for some answers. Jenova is no longer inside Sephiroth's head.
Zack after "borrowing" a gun from the unconscious soldiers. Zack continues his trek to the church to be ambushed by monsters in the slums.
Genesis and Sephiroth the two flying towards the church spot Zack below. Swooping in Sephiroth and Genesis finish off the monsters. Leaving Zack in shock.
They have a moment of truce.

Vincent reaches Yuffie under fire inside the ShinRa building the two of them vacate outside to recover and to wait out a thunderstorm.

Sephiroth flies Zack to the church with Genesis. At the church Zack picks up Angeal's sword for a weapon.

Tifa leaves Seventh Heaven seeing the lifestream in the sky in the distance and starts walking towards the slums.

Vincent and Yuffie head back into ShinRa HQ to find out what Deepground are planning.

Zack recalls Aerith's last words to him in the lifestream: Deepground have tapped into the lifestream for it's energy. The planet is fighting back.
Zack makes mention of Jenova possibly having a body again.

Vincent and Yuffie are fighting waves of Deepground military, infiltrating the base deeper.

Sephiroth, Genesis and Zack fly towards Midgar. Zack informs them that Vincent was heading to the ShinRa building to investigate what was going on. The three arrive at ShinRa and Zack breaks in through a window. Sephiroth and Genesis hang back so not to alarm Vincent and Yuffie. Zack hacks his way through the military finally coming upon Yuffie and Vincent. Yuffie suffers a near death attack and Sephiroth retrieves her giving Zack a phoenix down to revive her before finishing off the rest of the Deepground military in the area.

Reeve receives a delayed text from Yuffie and asks Tifa to look into the sudden sightings of Deepground men out in Kalm. While telling Yuffie to be careful of Deepground sightings in Midgar.

Sephiroth offers a truce to Vincent, Vincent doesn't trust him but does not attack him either.
Genesis drops in stating that it was okay to trust Sephiroth. Zack points out that if it was “crazy Seph” they'd all be dead by now.
Regardless there is still tension in the air and Zack suggests they split up to search the HQ for clues on Deepground.

Meanwhile Cloud pulls up outside 7th Heaven and spots Tifa in the distance, he pulls up beside her and offers her a ride
Tifa gets the text message from Reeve asking her to check out Kalm so her and Cloud start to leave edge. Cloud giving her the earnings of his latest 'delivery'.

Yuffie suggests that everyone deserves a 2nd chance to Vincent. While Genesis takes to the area above them. Vincent reluctantly agrees.
Zack comments that he's going to check out the science labs. Yuffie designates herself Zack's search partner before telling Vincent and Sephiroth they have to search together at reactor 0. Genesis searches the top floors. They split up to search their designated areas.

In the lab Zack and Yuffie find files on various Deepground experiments and files on themselves. Vincent and Sephiroth are taking the elevator to the reactor 0.

Cloud mentions needing to pick up a weapon if they're going to Kalm.
Tifa replays that Cloud says they should leave and fast.

Reno is asleep behind his desk, fell asleep doing paperwork (he was actually working for once omg) when he awakes he call Cloud to see what's going on.

Jenova has her revival right in the lab where Zack and Yuffie are. Zack tell tells Yuffie to call Tifa.

Vincent and Sephiroth are in the basement when Nero is revived. Nero instantly attacks the two.

Tifa answers Yuffie informs her of Jenova the files, Sephiroth and Zack's return asking Cloud what she should do.
Zack at that moment yells to Tifa that they are in Midgar in the ShinRa HQ before Jenova breaks Yuffie's phone and sets the lab alight. Zack then attacks Jenova.

Vincent and Nero are in a gun fight.

Weiss is revived elsewhere in the ShinRa building, he instantly takes control of Deepground's troops wanting Nero's location.

Tifa send Reeve a text of the on goings stating they are heading to ShinRa.

Reno hearing the commotion ends the call with Cloud to find the others (Turks).

Cloud turns the bike around stating he has to make a stop (meaning to pick up Fenrir and his sword from storage at the church).

Zack's blow takes off Jenova's left arm. Using her right she grabs onto Zack wrist claws digging into his skin, she is then able to sense the Jenova cells inside Zack and then awakening the cells inside Zack. Bringing her knee into his stomach Zack doubles over as the Jenova cells cause him to sprout two white wings. Zack yells to Yuffie to run knowing he wouldn't be able to save her.

Weiss is inside ShinRa walking the halls trying to locate Nero.

Sephiroth finally decides to help Vincent in the battle with Nero. Nero shots a series of flammable containers setting the area alight trying to kill Vincent. Sephiroth steps up and attacks Nero.

Meanwhile Weiss can smell the fire, he orders Deepground troops to look for the infiltrators and kill them.

Yuffie seeing Zack in trouble activates a flare like materia blinding Jenova and grabbing Zack while making a run for it.

Nero and Sephiroth battle it out, Vincent surrounded by flames makes a hasty exit firing off a shot to burst a container behind Nero adding to the flames. Sephiroth and Nero continue to fight it out destroying the level and bringing it down with the flames and their weapons. Nero comments that there are others in the building as it is burning. Making the choice Sephiroth exits. Nero escapes the fire and comes across the troops in search of him, informing him that Weiss is still alive.
Weiss is contacted and told that Nero has been located. Weiss heads towards that area as Nero meets him half way. Weiss and Nero reunion.

Genesis is meanwhile in the levels above looking for clues.

Meanwhile Tifa and Cloud reach Sector Five. Cloud states they are heading to the church.

Sephiroth is searching for Genesis and Zack in the building.

Zack partially blind in pain is leaning on Yuffie as they make their escape. Deep ground military block their exit, Yuffie knowing Zack currently can't fight take them on telling Zack to stay behind her. Yuffie distracts them and her and Zack escape into the stairwell, using the last of his physical strength Zack grabs Yuffie flinging her over his shoulder and jumping over the ledge gliding down to the 1st floor, getting into the lobby they see that it's on fire. Yuffie helps Zack through the burning lobby and outside. The two rest outside before deciding to take cover so Deepground can't see them. Zack retracts the wings.

Weiss suggests that he and Nero take solitude in Junon. They use Nero's darkness to escape.
Weiss seems to collapse of a headache.

Vincent makes his way to the exit of the ShinRa building.
Zack spots Vincent leaving ShinRa, Sephiroth is making his way to the exit.

Weiss has become a host to the voice of the lifestream as it speaks to him. Nero is watching over Weiss till he wakes from his headache at their new location in Nibelheim.
Sunrise slowly approaches as Weiss decides to rest for a bit.

Meanwhile Zack and Yuffie shout at Vincent to grab his attention.
Vincent states that they should regroup with Cloud and think of a strategy.
Zack “borrows” Vincent's phone to call Cloud. While he's on the phone Sephiroth emerges from the ShinRa building and Zack grabs his attention. Leaving a message for Cloud on his phone. He returns Vincent's phone.
Not really having much say Sephiroth is told that they are going to meet up with Cloud.

Reeve replies to Tifa's text messenger telling her and Cloud to stay away from Jenova telling them to get to the WRO as soon as possible. Tifa text's reeve back that they'll head there, and for him to look into a AVALANCHE hit list that Yuffie found.

In Nibelheim Lucrecia is sitting downstairs having tea when she hears Weiss and Nero above her. She has a weapon and keeps it close waiting. Nero while waiting for Weiss to wake up goes in search of something to drink and eat. He comes across Lucrecia downstairs and words are exchanged, Lucrecia discovers the lifestream had freed her from her prison and revived Nero from death.
Nero decides that they could use Lucrecia, he disarms her. Weiss awakes and find them downstairs, Weiss wants to know Lucrecia's theory on what is happening with the lifestream. But his headaches begin and he moves to outside the room to sit. Nero wants Lucrecia to find out what is wrong with his brother. Lucrecia admits she does not know what is going on with the lifestream, but says she can do a physical examination on Weiss to find out what is wrong with him. Weiss hearing the conversation, and curious to find what it the cause of his pain, walks in and demands Lucrecia to find out what is wrong with him, Lucrecia saying she can use the lab downstairs to exam Weiss and use their computers to find out if there were any information regarding it. Nero threatens Lucrecia, not to kill Weiss.

Reeve replies to Tifa's text stating that he'll go pull out the files on AVALANCHE and see what he can dig up. At this moment Cloud and Tifa arrive at the church Cloud states that if the WRO is where Tifa wants to go then they'll go there and Cloud walks inside to collect Fenrir. Letting Tifa use his delivery bike. Cloud comes out with Fenrir and calls Vincent telling them that they're heading to the WRO and to meet them there. Tifa and Cloud head to the WRO.
Vincent receiving the call tells the others of where Cloud is going and knowing it's too far to walk ask if anyone knows where Cid is.

Lucrecia, moves to the labs, leaving the brothers alone for a moment, Nero warns Weiss not to leave her alone. Weiss agrees and apologies to his brother for him slowing them down in this condition, irritated that they can not initiate their plans. Weiss goes to make sure Lucrecia doesn't try anything, Lucrecia in the lab is able to access Weiss's medical files in the ShinRa database. Lucrecia notices that the WRO used her access to research the Tsivets. Looking over the file and after Nero's questioning if the WRO can see her accessing the file. Lucrecia says that since Weiss was a catalyst for Omega he may have absorbed the lifestream into himself. Nero comments that Lucrecia will want to use his blood to counteract the lifestream inside Weiss. Lucrecia mentions the risk of Weiss not surviving the outcome.

Meanwhile not sure on how to get to WRO without Cid, Zack proposes that if Sephiroth can fly with one wing then theoretically with two wings he could fly there.
Yuffie states that it's probably his (Cid's) day off or he's working on his airship. Yuffie states that her and Vincent will probably be walking there. Vincent walks off towards the Deepground troops not to far away reading to leave for Junon. In the commotions he steals a motorbike before driving it back to Yuffie and stating for her to get on. Yuffie jumping on wondering if Vincent knew how to ride a motorbike. Zack gives up releases his wings in front of Sephiroth asking if he can teach him how to use them. Sephiroth tells him to use his instincts. Vincent points in the direction of WRO telling them that it's that way then takes off with Yuffie telling her not to throw up on him.
Zack spends a few minutes trying to learn how to use his wings with Sephiroth standing by just watching. Sephiroth finally commenting is Zack is done. Zack saying he's done they leave following Vincent and Yuffie in the distance.
While flying Sephiroth enquirers about the group. Zack tells Sephiroth about Deepground and some of the file Yuffie and himself managed to get a hold of before an incident in the lab. Not mentioning Jenova at that moment. But telling Sephiroth that Deepground's tampering with the lifestream is the result of their revival. Sephiroth comments that then other would have been revived as well wondering if Angeal had been brought back as well and where he was. Zack at the thought of others got an image of him socking a revived Hojo in the face. Sephiroth stating that he wouldn't be the only one.

Weiss states that Nero will get the supplies while he and Lucrecia have a little “chat”. Nero is given a list of what Lucrecia needs. Lucrecia gives Nero a list, Weiss sitting down states for his brother to be careful, with that Nero vanishes into the darkness arriving at a hospital in Edge he raids it killing a few people along the way. Getting shot in the process before his return. Weiss states for Lucrcia to take care of him, then they will begin. Lucrecia tend to Nero's wound. To fix Weiss some samples are taken from the brothers. She states for Weiss to stay. Nero goes to wait upstairs. Lucrecia begins the comparison tests. The test exploded before particles of the lifestream appear and return to the planet. Weiss gives her a look at the exploded tube. Lucrecia takes Weiss to another room to administer her “cure”.

Meanwhile Zack finally admits to running into Jenova and her inside his head to Sephiroth, Sephiroth stated that her return was expected but her pursuit of Zack was unexpected. Zack agrees and states the further away from her she is, the more he feels like himself before flying over Vincent and Yuffie shouting at them to see how much longer it was going to take to get to WRO.

Weiss states as he is strapped down that if he dies he's going to haunt her for the rest of her life. Weiss strapped to the table is injected with the serum as Lucrecia states that she hopes he dies here. After administering the shot runs from the room in order to get her escape. Weiss shouts after her that she better run, before the lifestream starts to posses him.
Nero hearing Lucrecia's footsteps waits for her. Lucrecia seeing Nero lied and stated that Weiss had a seizure and that he should check up on him. Nero sees through the lie and want s to know what Grimoire Valentine's experiments on him were. And that when he passed back through the lifestream that his powers were increased dramatically, he wants her thesis on it. His back turned to her. Lucrecia turning her back on Nero lets a light flicker in her hand stating that the lifestream had a different effect on everyone. The light forming into a solid crystal before hurling it at Nero. Nero states if he is to die in frost that he will be reborn in flames, he starts to burn flames engulfing him before his guns whip out and he starts to shoot at Lucrecia. Lucrecia grabs the railing and jumps over the side, she stumbles to the ground on landing. She fires off a couple of ice spells in the direction of Nero. (without Materia) Nero summons the darkness to swallow her.
Weiss awakens upstairs, but it no longer Weiss but the full embodiment of the lifestream breaking the bonds Weiss descends the stairs the lifestream's embodiment wanting to seek out the calamity and destroy her. The embodiment of the lifestream gives Lucrecia power to fling out an electricity attack shocking Nero, Nero slammed back misses Weiss walking past and out the door. Nero phases into the darkness and reappears behind Lucrecia, guns blazing. Lucrecia puts up a shield based on the materia without the use of it. Condensing the shield with enough force to fling a fire based flare attack at Nero slamming him into the wall. The attack Nero states is a weaker version of Mega-flare cast without any materia means Lucrecia must be Cetra. His darkness summoned without Materia meant that made him anti-Cetra. Blasting shards of Lucrecia he announced that he would become Cetra. The strands of Darkness slamming her back. Lucrecia stands up smirking stating that the only one that it is over for is Weiss. She states that he is dead, or nearly unless Nero stabilizes him. Nero races down to the labs in fear for his brother. Lucrecia takes that moment to escape the Nibelheim mansion. Nero finds where Weiss was empty save for a drop of blood from the needle and nothing more, he assumes Weiss has been taken back into the lifestream. Nero's remaining sanity slipping out the door he vows revenge, on Vincent, Yuffie, Lucrecia, Shelke, Reeve, Sephiroth and Hojo. Crying tears of blood, Nero states that he will make Weiss proud.
Vincent motions the WRO building in the distance. Yuffie feeling motion sick is glad still clinging to Vincent.

Genesis senses the change in the lifestream turning to the strongest pull, he takes off flying in that direction.

Jenova reflecting on the last moments with Zack, watches as Zack escapes with Yuffie, Vincent and Sephiroth. Her “virus” inside Zack, unknowingly to him will infect anyone he touches and they will become infected with her cells. Surrounded by several Deepground soldiers she flicks the blood from her severed limb and the blood infects them into her pawns. Reattaching her severed limb she states for them to absorb this world and complete her mission...

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Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read   Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Icon_minitimeWed Jan 11, 2012 6:22 am

~2nd Arch: WRO HQ ~

Cloud and Tifa are heading to the WRO.

Weiss is now the embodiment of the lifestream also making his way to the WRO (but still on another continent)

Zack, Sephiroth, Yuffie, Vincent heading away from ShinRa make their way to the WRO where outside Nanaki is waiting.

Nero plots revenge against Vincent and friends, knowing that they would either go to the Highwind or WRO. He ends up at the ShinRa HQ hoping some WRO stragglers are left behind so he can take out his frustrations on them.

Angeal meanwhile is in Edge trying to buy a sword.

Outside the WRO, Cloud, Tifa, Vincent, Yuffie, Zack, Sephiroth and Nanaki all meet up outside. Jenova 'speaks' to Zack and Yuffie while engaging Nero's arrival.

Nanaki is able to sense the infections in Zack and Yuffie before the group all head inside.

Everyone separates to get items, ect. Yuffie through the jenova infection is given her own set of wings. Zack meanwhile is slowly infecting the staff of the WRO through his touch.

Kadaj makes an appearance in Edge hidden by a cloak and tending to a wound from his escape from the ruins.

Zack is the first to arrive in the meeting room, Tifa next. While Cloud, Vincent and Sephiroth head in to the elevator to go to the meeting.

Kadaj bumps into Angeal on the streets of Edge. Finding out Kadaj is also on his own, Angeal offers to share accommodation with him.

Jenova and Nero strike a conversation.

Nanaki and Zack converse in the meeting room while Tifa listens. Cloud, Vincent and Sephiroth enter just before the meeting starts. Yuffie arrives late to the meeting wearing a jacket to cover her new wings.

Reeve is currently sleeping and the agent assigned fills them in on deepground's activities and Weiss's condition, along with showing them Jenova's base of operations is now ShinRa HQ. The agent informs them a temporary merger between ShinRa and the WRO has been formed due to the current circumstances. After the agent's departure Zack decides he needs to go for a walk. As if to stop that Reeve enters apologizing for his delay. Reeve asks Zack and Sephiroth to go investigate Weiss, while asking the others to investigate the other WRO bases of operations.

Lucrecia arrives outside the WRO while Yuffie and Red take a walk after Reeve's instructions. Weiss is now back in control of his body heading back towards the Nibelheim mansion.

Angeal and Kadaj have a hotel room to share for the night

Zack decides to get contact numbers so he can keep everyone updated. Zack accidentally 'touching' Seph on the arm infecting him with a link to Jenova. Sephiroth and Zack depart to go locate Weiss Sephiroth aware that he can sense Jenova in his head again.

Lucrecia comes across Yuffie and Nanaki.

Jenova continues her 'conversation' with Nero while tormenting the minds of Sephiroth, Zack and Yuffie.

Vincent sensing something leaves the room.

Cloud asks Reeve where he should go. Reeve informs him he wants him to look into Junon where the deepground soldiers were retreated to as the WRO agents he sent there haven't returned.

Vincent spots Lucrecia talking to Yuffie and Red, but stays out of sight listening to their conversation. Pulling out his phone he calls Cloud and asks if he wants any company on his mission.

Nero and Jenova reach an agreement of sorts to help each other. Jenova toys more with Sephiroth, Zack and Yuffie. Zack and Sephiroth arrive at Costa Del Sol. Jenova's voice causing Zack to crash land. Jenova' s voice getting to Yuffie causing her to begin to turn only to be snapped out of it when Nanaki bites her.

Jenova reveals to Nero that Weiss is infact alive and possessed by the lifestream and to show his loyalty by killing Weiss. Nero has his own ideas on his brother's state.

Zack hungry before continuing on with the mission decides to get some food and while waiting in line he spot Weiss in Costa Del Sol.
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Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Empty
PostSubject: ~3rd Arc: WRO, Mideel~   Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Icon_minitimeTue Mar 13, 2012 6:25 pm

~3rd Arc: WRO, Mideel~

Weiss/Life meets up with Sephiroth and Zack, when Yazoo falls from the sky to join their group in Costa del Sol. They get an unexpected visitor... Nero.
Nero's presence causes Life to lose his control over Weiss, the leader of the Tsviets. His soul once again reclaiming his body with Nero's presence making Weiss able to have full control of his body again.

Hojo meanwhile is plotting to continue on with his experiments.
Cloud calls Vincent telling him that he will be in Junon.
Yuffie is leaving the WRO to confront Jenova, when she spots Cloud. hiding from her friend as he takes off for Junon she ninjas her way away from teh WRO.
Denzel at this point leaves 7th Heaven knowing something was wrong.

Zack chooses to fight Nero in order to let Sephiroth escape with Yazoo.
Hojo's minions capture Yuffie. Then kidnaps Denzel taking the two to Hojo's base in Mideel.Hojo begins to experiment on the two of them. Using Yuffie's Jenova infection to infect Denzel.
Vincent contacts Cloud telling him that he will meet him in Junon.

Meanwhile Life wakes up from Weiss's control and takes Zack away landing him on the barge with Sephiroth and Yazoo, the barge heading towards Junon. Life informs them that there is a DeepGround base in Junon that they need to go to.
Cloud contacts Zack. It seems that Junon is where everyone was heading.

Rufus at this moment was with Tseng on the outskirts of Midgar gathering samples form the infected buildings.Noting that the infection is moving through the building slowly. Tseng calls for Reno to come and pick them up.

Jenova contacts Zack letting him know of Yuffie's perdicament and tells him to save her.
Zack learns he can make a mental connection wit Yuffie and informs her that he's on the way to help.

At this point Jenova's infection bird comes into contact with Yazoo, infecting the teenager also.
Weiss has now been confirmed as missing while Cloud and Zack catch up again. Zack informing Cloud of Yuffie and Denzel's predicament.

Rufus makes his way into the WRO, finding the office Reeve has assigned him. He sees a welcoming of a stack of paperwork for him to catch up on. He dismisses Tseng. Before starting to read the files.

Sephiroth, Zack and Yazoo arrive in Mideel. Zack making their presence known and Sephiroth locates the lab.
A battle forms in the lab to rescue Denzel and Yuffie with Hojo finally retreating with Denzel and Yuffie finally freed. The group of them leave Mideel to return to Junon. Where Yuffie departs from the group.

Yuffie heads to go back to confront Jenova. Zack, Seph, Yazoo and Denzel get Yazoo and Denzel's weapons before finding an inn for the night.

Rufus leaves his office to get some coffee and food and returns to find a file missing. Dark Nation is returned to him and he informs Reno and Tseng they need to retrieve the file, as it is on THEM.

Zack, Denzel, Sephiroth and Yazoo retire for the night. Zack and Denzel ready to meet Cloud in the morning.
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Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Empty
PostSubject: ~4th Arc: Junon and DeepGround~   Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2012 11:42 am

~4th Arc: Junon and DeepGround~

Genesis is infected with Jenova's influence when he touches Sephiroth on the arm.
Zack, Genesis, Denzel, Sephiroth, Cloud and Yazoo head to the ShinRa Military Base.
They begin their battle with DeepGround.

Loz is returned to life there in the midst of the battle.
Yazoo runs to his brother touching him, thus infecting him. When Kadaj after days of lingered walking
after separating from Angeal arrives as well. Loz hugs them all and Kadaj is in turn infected.
The battle group is separated.

Kadaj and Genesis to the roof, Denzel and Zack away from where
Sephiroth and Cloud are fighting deepground, Loz and Yazoo elsewhere.
Yuffie arrives on the scene and helps Zack and Denzel get to some DeepGround files.
Before talking Zack into seeing Jenova.
The three vacate leaving the others behind to continue their DeepGround battle.

Zack, Denzel, Yuffie wander the ShinRa building at Midgar, while Seph, Cloud fight off a summon.
Yazoo, Loz, Kadaj get their wings. Reeve arranges to meet with Rufus. Cid arrives with Vincent to Junon.
Zack, Yuffie and Denzel collect infected samples from the pod people in ShinRa.

Sephiroth, Yazoo, Loz, Genesis, Cloud, Kadaj all meet up on Cid's airship.

Reno is playing with Dark Nation outside the WRO Tseng watching. Rufus meanwhile is in his temp office.
Tifa meanwhile had gone to seventh Heaven and retrieved Marlene bringing her back to the WRO.
Reeve arrived in Rufus' office to discuss business.

[I'm trying to teach myself to make these summaries shorter! HONEST!!!]

Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Embraceyourdreams

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Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read   Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Icon_minitimeThu Sep 13, 2012 12:26 am

~5th Arc: WRO Headquarters~

The airship arrives at the WRO headquarters with Cid, Vincent, Cloud, Sephiroth, Loz, Yazoo, Kadaj, and Genesis. They are met by Tseng and Reno. Tseng extends and invitation to Vincent to rejoin the Turks but is refused.

Zack, Yuffie, and Denzel wash up and Zack purchases materia for Yuffie and Denzel. They meet with Rufus on the way to meet the others and are told about the infection outbreak. They make it to the airship and meet the others. Denzel tells Cloud he wants to fight and told he can.

Yuffie has her reunion with Vincent and gets in an argument with the remnants about how it’s spread and explained by Zack that it’s skin to skin contact.

Tseng goes to Rufus for orders and told to get some sleep.

Jenova speaks to the infected. Yuffie and Genesis are snapped out of it by Vincent and Sephiroth respectively.

Zack tells her he will talk to her later and leaves for the training room. He starts to train Denzel.

The remnants fly off to Midgar.

Reno starts to show signs of being infected.

Cid and Tseng talk about the infection, what has happened, and a possibility of a cure.

Cissnei shows up. Rufus explains everything to her and is escorted to his office.

Zack and Denzel are instructed that they are to remain on the thirteenth floor and head there. Denzel retires for the night and Zack flies off to see Jenova.

Hojo decides to capture Vincent.

Sephiroth and Genesis go to the thirteenth floor to retire for the night.

Dark nation brings Tseng and Rufus to Reno’s room. When the wings sprout they are struck by them and blood and are also infected. Tseng starts to hear her voice and Rufus shows signs. He decides to talk to Reeve who reveals that Zack has left as well. They discuss things and Rufus cuts a deal with Reeve in order to reinstate SOLDIER.

Tseng sprouts wings.

Elena calls Rufus with her report then leaves to check on Reno. After Cissnei and Rufus arrive Tseng goes nutty and flies out the window, Reno follows.

Zack arrives in Midgar and speaks with Jenova. He becomes brainwashed by her love.
Cloud leaves for Midgar and Tseng and Reno arrive there. Tseng bows as instructed to Zack, Reno starts to go after Tseng and is told to be quiet because Zack’s on the phone.

Rufus gets tested and realizes he’s infected.

Reno goes back to threatening Tseng and they fight. Reno tries to leave and is locked up by Jenova.

Jenova speaks to Sephiroth and Cloud, Sephiroth gets pissed and hunts down Rufus demanding to talk and not giving him a choice. They discuss the infection, a possible cure, and the departures. Rufus states he will send Kunsel to find Weiss.

Cloud arrives and speaks with Jenova. After a conversation with Zack, Zack decides to take full guardianship of Denzel. Jenova leaves with the remnants and tells Zack to take care of the others. Zack breaks Reno out and grabs Cloud, heading back to the WRO with Reno, Tseng, and Cloud.

Hojo replaces Chaos in Vincent and the protomateria in himself to control him.

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Ancient / Cetra

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PostSubject: Re: Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read   Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Icon_minitimeThu Sep 13, 2012 3:02 am

~6th Arc: WRO Headquarters Battle~

Now back at the WRO, Tseng is reinstated to his position as Director and informs Rufus of Zack's status as the only person to have been fully integrated with Jenova's cells. Needing to speak on the issue further he calls Sephiroth.

Rufus starts to put into actions his plans to rebuild the SOLDIER program in order to meet Jenova face on. Denzel wastes no time in offering himself up as a trainee, forcing Zack's hand into accepting the army's return and spends the day training the boy.

Reno steps up to his position and warns Rufus that he's not certain Tseng was to be trusted, appointing himself as Tseng's guardian with the President's blessing.

Sephiroth inadvertently shatters Genesis' spirit by telling him there is no Goddess when the fellow General likens Jenova to the entity he worshipped, going so far as to burn his copy of Loveless.

Tseng informs Sephiroth of Zack's defection to Jenova, and at the same time his aiding them escape.

Yuffie tries to get in contact with the Chaos controlled Vincent, but is unable to reach him when she calls. With no other option she turns to Rufus for help.

Hojo attempts to take control of Chaos, calling him to Junon to aid him in his quest to destroy the WRO.

Cissnei remains the only TURK at the WRO uninfected. To take her mind from it she gets in touch with the Zack Fanclub, announcing his return.

Yazoo accepts Jenova's gift of her cells, embracing her mission as his own. Jenova then bestows a second gift upon the trio - a shard of their own souls, not unlike materia.

Cloud awakens, dazed and disorientated. He learns of Denzel's plans to join SOLDIER and does not take well to the news. Denzel turns from Cloud and takes solace in Zack as a new father figure.

Sephiroth confronts Zack about his going to Jenova, offering his assistance in keeping him on the right side.

Nero appears at the WRO extending a hand as an ally, providing a 'cure' for the Jenova infection which Rufus uses on himself, Tseng, Reno, Cloud and Sephiroth. It works - and Reno celebrates by kissing both his bosses.

Genesis retrieves the cure from Rufus and leaves the room with it, while the cure rips through Sephiroth with near disastrous consequence..

Rosso arrives in the ruins of Midgar where Nero joins her.

Kadaj turns from Jenova with the decision that he will never be seen as good enough in her eyes, and as such is shunned by Yazoo and Loz.

The cure does not last and Reno succumbs to Jenova's cells for a second time, while Zack re-infects Sephiroth with his blood - via a kiss.

Jenova reacts badly to her 'children' being taken from her with the cure, using the infected areas of WRO to send out clones of herself to each of them, one confronting Sephiroth and then taking his shape. Battle ensues. In response, Rufus orders an evacuation of the WRO.

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Ancient / Cetra
Ancient / Cetra

Title : One-Winged Angel

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PostSubject: Re: Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read   Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Icon_minitimeThu Sep 13, 2012 3:05 am

~7th Arc: WRO Headquarters Battle Continued/Healin~

Rufus meets with Sephiroth in the airship. He gives him restraints and instructions to secure Zack. He then finds Denzel and begins to administration of his first dose of mako.

Zack wakes up chained to the bed. He talks with Sephiroth concerning what had happened.

Reno tells Tseng his feelings. Tseng relapses back into the infection.

Jenova is angered by everything that has happened and moves to the roof, landing on top of the Shera. Hearing the noise Denzel rushes to tell Zack and Sephiroth. Denzel is brought to Rufus and Sephiroth takes the Buster Sword in order to fight Jenova.

Yuffie heads out in order to fight Vincent/Chaos.

Rufus has Zack, Denzel, Cissnei, and Yazoo moved to the helicopter and he joins the battle against Jenova.

The other Jenova copies show up and Sephiroth battles the one that had turned into a copy of him. Kadaj shows up and joins the battle against Jenova.

The helicopter takes of and they pick up Tifa and Marlene.

Yuffie defeats Vincent and brings him to the hospital. She leaves and joins up with the others in the helicopter.

The Sephiroth copy shatters Masamune and all of the Jenova copies self destruct, removing all of her cells from everyone but Zack, Yazoo, and Loz. Kadaj gets turned human and passes out.

Sephiroth takes Kadaj to meet up with Reno and Tseng along with Rufus. With the airship broken they are forced to take a truck to Healin. Rufus and Sephiroth discuss what has happened and Sephiroth explains what Jenova has done to him, revealing the complete loss of Jenova cells. As well as telling him of the need to go to Wutai.

The group arrives and Rufus assigns Sephiroth to share a room with Zack.

Sephiroth checks on Kadaj and discuses some things with Reno.

Vincent arrives in Healin.

Denzel is given his first full mako treatment.

Lifestream Readings – Main RP Summary – Please Read Sephiroth-banner1
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