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 Pre-Post-Main Changes

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PostSubject: Pre-Post-Main Changes    Pre-Post-Main Changes  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 03, 2013 2:28 pm

Hello everyone!

As you know, when main ends we will start a new RP and enter the phase we are calling "Post-Main". Post-Main is a good time for changes and restructuring of the board. We're all very excited. I'll be updating this thread whenever a big change has occurred that we want you to know about. Also, if you have any suggestions, do PM us and let us know!

    Character Profiles
    --So if you hit "Profile" up there, you can see that there are new options! So edit your profiles whenever you get a chance. Also:
    <---- This part looks different!

    Battle RP
    --The battle board is missing!! Well, we figured that we could merge Battle and General AU RPs, because both of them are used very infrequently. The old battle threads have been moved to the General AU Archive.

    Picture RP
    --The Picture RP board is missing!! As opposed to having to mark your picture RP as Yaoi, Het or General, you can just have them in the Yaoi, Het, Yuri or General boards. Anything in the Picture RP Archive has moved to their respective Archives as well.

    ShinRa Boardroom
    --The ShinRa Boardroom board has been changed to be a place to discuss the board as a whole. Separated from Chocobo's Nest, which is where we'll have our general chat, and etc.

    --As you may have noticed we now have a toolbar up top. You can alter your notifications which will change what that drop down will alert you to.

    Switch Accounts
    --Another new thing is the switch accounts login on the bottom. Log in the usual way but when it comes to switching characters you no longer have to worry about logging out. Just put the user name and password in the boxes then hit the button. It will automatically log you out from the other account and into the account you entered.

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PostSubject: Re: Pre-Post-Main Changes    Pre-Post-Main Changes  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 03, 2013 3:30 pm

And just so ya know, I'm cool with the changes. It was mod discussed.

Pre-Post-Main Changes  Embraceyourdreams

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Pre-Post-Main Changes
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