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 Regarding: State Pen AU

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Reno Nevada
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Reno Nevada

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Regarding: State Pen AU Empty
PostSubject: Regarding: State Pen AU   Regarding: State Pen AU Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2013 9:22 pm

So, this is entirely my fault - I didn't state in the first post that the thread is not game-canonical in the slightest, and as more people have joined, it's somewhat leant in that direction.

Therefore, we need to lay out how this works. For example - Seph would be more well known, whereas in the thread it is established that no one has a clue who he was on the outside, other than the prison staff, Reno (who reads the news) and possibly Tseng who seems to know everything (lol). It was also established that his father pushed him in his military career, and that he worked up through the ranks and would have achieved the equivalent of the game title General.

However - if Seph was to be game canon, as the thread is slowly becoming, then it kind of messes with a few dynamics. Firstly, he would decimate anyone who attacked him - ergo, he would not be a bitch. Secondly, if Tseng stood up to him then he would have been squished and the position taken up by said silver haired male... Thirdly... What's stopping him from just summoning - oh wait, Temple's still in one piece? Okay, so he'd just destroy the place anyway, Nibelheim style - Meteor not needed.

(Yes, I'm cackling like a mad thing, because I'm amusing myself!)

To re-iterate, not bashing. Swear to goodness XD Seph can vouch that I'm practically crying with the humorous possibilities that a canon prison would give us in full blow crackage.

SO. My point, which has taken a wibbly-wobbly path, is that we need to establish just how canon things are, where the differences are being made, and how we can limit the superhuman powers so that there is a more even power spread, and it becomes more of a matter of human will and prowess.

If Zack has mako-enhanced abilities and can break the handcuffs easily... why did he allow a common street gang thug take the power, and then allow Tseng to (while he's a higher rank, he still doesn't have the strength to enforce against a fully-enhanced SOLDIER)?

We need to figure these boundaries just so that everything makes sense and flows nicely <3

Also, I gather Ciss isn't screwing Kunsel now..? Just need to straighten that out so that Seph and I can fix the Reno/Kunsel relationship dynamics.

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Regarding: State Pen AU Empty
PostSubject: Re: Regarding: State Pen AU   Regarding: State Pen AU Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2013 12:13 am

I suppose the best way to help clarify everything would be for everyone to list their character's current canon/non-canon status.

Vincent: Canon-wise, he's in a coffin. As you may have noticed, I'm not doing that with him (maybe metaphorically but not literally). He's got bright, glowing red eyes from a birth defect. I wasn't sure if we were going to have mako-enhancements, so I just went with birth defects. If we do have Mako-enhancements, he could have them. It could be another source of fear for him: without having the "mako eyes" (Read: Glowing Blue), he still has mako strength. Otherwise, he's got no connection to any of the characters (no Hojo or Lucrecia) as he is pre-love triangle Vincent.

Cloud: I may be adding him in after as someone who knew and tried to flee from ShinRa with Zack Fair (Zack expressed that she wants him to have a mirror version of canon events, with some changes and I'll let her explain that here). He'll be CC age, possibly a year or two older depending on how much time has passed.

Oh, and Reno, I do think renaming the thread to "Regarding: State Pen AU" would be clearer. I literally saw the thread and went "States? What? I'm in Canada..." But, again, that just might be me being at my signature derp levels... XXD

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--Cloud Strife

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Reno Nevada
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First Class
Reno Nevada

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PostSubject: Re: Regarding: State Pen AU   Regarding: State Pen AU Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2013 1:15 am

Done XD

Was born into a gang where his father was a prominent member. Was bought up being physically and emotionally abused, and watching his mother being treated the same (I've always thought that Ciss (his sister) was his golden child and he never laid a finger on her... but that could be to Reno's knowledge and is up to Ciss <3). When he was 14, his mother murdered her husband to save her children, and has been in prison since. Reno quickly became leader of the gang and got himself into an... altercation. He killed seven people and has been given a life sentence.

Since entering State when he was 18, he slowly became a go-to guy for anything and everything, eventually teaming up with Kunsel to get even more goods in. While Reno takes goods as payment, Kunsel takes the small allowance the men are allowed to be given by family, or obtain via legit prison work.

Used to a rough life, prison was nothing he wasn't accustomed to and people quickly realised that he could take a beating - but you got worse back. He got in with a sect of the block that raped and whored out weaker inmates, and while he has turned it into more of an 'escort service' he knows that on some level that what he does is wrong.

All his whores have scars on their buttocks that match the scars under his eyes.

He took a shine to Seph when he entered the prison seven years after Reno's incarceration. He wanted to be the one to break the wilful but silent man, and eventually managed to do so. He was the last person he raped, and the only one he has tattooed.

At sixteen the teenager imprisoned and tortured ten people, eventually ripping them quite literally to shreds. The pieces were too complex a jigsaw to piece back together and no one can tell what truly killed any of them - only that when they were found, Kadaj was stood amongst the skeletons drenched and dripping in blood.

Tried as an adult he is in for life, and has never told anyone why he did what he did. Technically he should have been locked in a psychiatric ward, but he had proven more than capable of orchestrating an escape and leaving a bloody trail behind him.

Anything people think they know is rumour, and all that can be said is that he is severely homophobic and prone to "overreacting" to any insult or supposed threat - usually with a blade. He has the appearance of a younger, innocent boy and many believe him to be harmless until it is too late.

Since being placed on the block six months previously he has been involved - whether to the prison's knowledge or not - in fifteen "accidents". He has only been in Solitary twice, for a total of 6 weeks.

He currently bunks alone.

Oh, and Seph is his big brother but no inmate knows this - except maybe Tseng. Again, he knows everything XDDD There's a lot of tension there that will come out during the RP.

There is some assumption that Hojo did something to his son, but as to what, why and to what affect we don't know yet............

And I think that's everything XD
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PostSubject: Re: Regarding: State Pen AU   Regarding: State Pen AU Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2013 1:35 am

My turn!
Rod was born in a poor family, lost his mother when he was 4, then his father when he was 6. He grew up stealing money and food from people and shops. A local group of thug punk kids saw his theft as a skill and helped him hone on it. So from about the age of 7 until his trial, he was running with any random gang of punk kids.

About 16, he became the leader of his own gang of punks who steals, like he. They were more into robbing stores than just minor pick pocketing and food theft, and was pressured by the group to rob with them.

In his 18th year, he was caught while trying to rob a convienant store. He don't know if it was a set up or not, and just believes that it's his luck ran dry when he was caught. He would been willing to accept the charges for the thefts and robberies that he had done in his life, but unknown to him, the government also pinned a double murder case against him as well. He's in Pen State because of the murder case that he was found guilty for and is serving someone else's sentance.
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ShinRa Captain
ShinRa Captain

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Regarding: State Pen AU Empty
PostSubject: Re: Regarding: State Pen AU   Regarding: State Pen AU Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2013 3:11 am

I has plans for everything, trust the Tseng, trust him! *coughs*

Tseng was formerly a Turk, but since the general public don't know they actually exist none of the prisoners would recognise him. What he did he won't even tell me and only Rufus knows the truth about him, but it did end up with him being imprisoned for everyone's safety.
All I know right now is that it involved mass murder, treason, and that Pres. ShinRa was shit scared that Tseng would come after him next.
Tseng hates bright lights and will constantly cause trouble to protect those he deems worthy of it. Reno is his bitch, not that anyone knows that, but not in a sexual way. Reno and Kadaj are the two Tseng trusts most to do as he tells them and make sure punishment is given out when necessary.
He recognised Zack for what he was and saw the kid was playing dumb, it intrigued him and he wanted to know more about the raven haired boy.
His has a secret deal with Rufus that gets him certain privileges but nothing that would betray the trust of those he protects.
He's been in the prison for almost twenty years now.

Cissnei is Reno's older sister by two years, most of her story is in Reno's post. Razz
After Reno was arrested she inherited the gang from him and now runs it. She misses her brother a lot and comes to see him whenever she can, bringing him all sorts of goodies for him to pawn off and sell in the prison.
She's currently fucking Kunsel and also Rufus to help Reno out, not that he knows that at all... yet, and neither one knows about the other either.
Kunsel because he's cute and funny and she needed a guard she could trust get things delivered to Reno.
Rufus because it pisses off his father that he's with a slumrat gang member and not some high society lady, and he has money. She can also find out more information through him than Kunsel that helps protect her gang.
She is not a major character since it's the yaoi thread, just being thrown in for amusements sake.

Yazoo I will be bringing into it later, he is a member of Reno/Ciss' gang and the siblings all but raised him when his parents died in an inter-gang fight.
He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and found guilty of something he didn't do, a rival gang set him up to take the fall for it. Having just turned 18 he was tried as an adult and sent to the prison.
Yaz is not related in any way to Seph or Kadaj.

Regarding: State Pen AU Tseng2copy
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Regarding: State Pen AU Empty
PostSubject: Re: Regarding: State Pen AU   Regarding: State Pen AU Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2013 3:16 am

Okay... here we go

He's a dirty guard. As with typical Kunsel he sticks his nose in everyone's business whether he's wanted or not (and usually isn't) and uses it to his advantage. He had no previous ties with ShinRa and was hired in as a guard. However as a dirty guard he is willing to take bribes to deliver, murder, beat, or anything dirty you can imagine for the right price. Currently he has a nice arrangement with Reno. He takes payments and delivers the shipments (and lets them in) for him for allowing him to sleep with his sister (and a cut in his profits). If we go the route of mako enhancements... well probably got them just so he would at least be strong enough not to be murdered by some of the populace.

Seph is one of two sons, he goes by his mother's last name so as to not be connected to Hojo. As current time he's 31 and has been imprisoned since he was 28, so only three years. At eighteen he joined the military (Kadaj was 3) and was mostly busy with that but returned to visit Kadaj. Before that he was experimented on by his father, of what the experiments did who knows. With Hojo's status and his gifts in terms of warfare expertise he climbed through the ranks and became an officer, eventually forced into politics as a war leader.

He kept his distance from his family except for Kadaj who when he was 11 discovered Seph was gay and they had an argument that ended with both refusing to speak to the other. In the following years he committed embezzlement against ShinRa and was arrested for it. Due to the fact that he had too much knowledge and was too dangerous for a jail with the political criminals he was transferred to Midgar State. Within days a guy tried to claim his ass and Seph got some time in solitary and a bad rep of biting anything that was shoved into his mouth. A few other times were tried until six months in he was transferred into Reno's cell. Reno got the jump on him and raped him.

After he properly gave up Seph was tattooed on the small of his back and became Reno's bitch. He's been in that position for two and a half years with the deal that Reno's a little gentler on him than most would be and protects him and Seph doesn't bite or slit his throat while he's sleeping. It worked fine except for a situation recently when five guys jumped him. He was gang raped, three were hospitalized and the other two made it out.

Seph has not spoken a word to anyone since sentencing except for Reno and only recently, he is electively mute and because of that even when he does speak he cannot for long and only in a whisper and even the little he does is a struggle. He knows sign language through learning what he could in free time but will only use it if he really wants to express something and cannot communicate it any other way. Only Reno and Vincent know he can speak and only the staff, Reno (and possibly Tseng) know of his history. Others know his sexuality however if character knows about it please give a logical reason.

If we decide to use mako enhancement well I'll come up with a whole new bit before I go Nibelheim on the prison...

Regarding: State Pen AU Sephiroth-banner1
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PostSubject: Re: Regarding: State Pen AU   Regarding: State Pen AU Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2013 4:37 am

Rufus: (cause Rufus story is shorter) still president ShinRa's son obviously.
He tried to plan to assassinate his old man to get the company handed to him, but the plan failed.
Though due to being the president's son, the old man wanted to sweep it under the rug.
So the president gave most of the control of the state pen to Rufus. With occasional visits.
Rufus has probably been there only about five years max. Over that time he's used the place as storage.
The stuff he hides in the walls and vents ect is part of a plot to kill his old man.

Rufus is allocated a max of two nights a week he's allowed to have a 'weekend' off.
But he's not really a weekend. Every movement Rufus makes outside the prison IS monitored.
It's reported back to his old man, they want to make sure he isn't plotting anymore assassinations.
I'm assuming he meet Cissnei through a guest search, when something came up that shouldn't have.
Since then, they've had a thing, he uses it. Takes her out knowing he's being watched.

But his over all goal is to gather a team to help him in killing his old man during a visit.
The plan isn't perfected yet, and he doesn't trust most prisoners.
Heard Zack had a list of Hojo's experiments and requested to have the prisoner brought to State pen on the civilian murder charges. Eventually he wants hire the perfect prisoner to kill his old man, a prisoner that he will have no ties back to.. But he wants a reason to bring his old man into the prison, Zack has Hojo's lists so the rumors went.
He wants Tseng to get that list so his father will personally come into the prison.

Zack: He is slightly mirror. But the events at ShinRa are slightly different.
Zack joins at 15, hits 2nd at 17 and meets Cloud in this time. 18 half of the friends he makes in SOLDIER get infected with a "virus" then go missing so he takes Cloud and they do scooby doo stuff ;p They find out it is Hojo Zack takes it to higher ups, but is given a 1st class position to keep quiet. But he's left alone to do his own thing and train the lower SOLDIER ranks. This is when Hojo starts messing with Zack. Experimenting on him saying it's "mako enhancements".

19 Zack starts using the waiting time in Hojo's lab to start snooping looking for any information.
Each new piece of info he finds he takes back to Cloud. The experiments start messing with his head slightly. Voices and the like.
Zack tries to not go in one week, and he's found and dragged in.
The next week he sends himself out on a mission to avoid the experiments. He's dragged back again.
He keeps trying to avoid the experiments and each time he is found and brought back.
No matter where on Gaia he goes for "missions".

20 Zack tells Cloud he wants to leave ShinRa that they should take what info they can and just run away.
Zack uses the next experiment time to knock Hojo out and the SOLDIER strength to tear open the filing cabinet and he grabs a list of names inside and some other documents about what Hojo is trying to do.
Zack gets Cloud and they leave. On the run Zack starts memorizing every name on that list in hopes to locate them, but because of the experiments he's having a hard time just being able to recite them. The names don't stick. So he makes up a stupid routine to do in order to recall the names. It actually worked. Zack can't recite the names normally, so he has to perform said routine of Random to recall the names. Hence why he doesn't know Seph's name off the bat.

Cloud and Zack remain on the run. With the documents. The SOLDIER Army, Turks, ect chasing them down. (No mako poisoned Cloud he's conscious through this road trip cause my OTP deserves to be ;p), no Nibelhiem either.
21 Zack and Cloud decide to find somewhere to hide the list. Midgar is chosen because ShinRa wouldn't look under their nose. They make their way back there. But are cut off at the cliff face. Zack takes on the thousand or so ShinRa troops and kills them all, he's injured but alive. This is the point where him and Cloud get separated.

Zack heads into Midgar and hides the list in the slums and he uses one of the fake names he and Cloud had con concocted together while on the run. Left it with a friend of theirs in the slums to pass onto Cloud. It was a coded location of the list and telling Cloud to destroy it.
Zack started living int he slums hoping Cloud would turn up. Setting up a base shop of a jack of all trades business under a fake name and all that.

Zack was found by a small group of former ShinRa military turned Mercs. They threatened to take him in.
Zack panicked cause Cloud hadn't been located yet.
They attacked he defended himself but it ended up in the three of them dying by his hands. Zack was caught and arrested just after. But the normal courts had access to him before the military could put in their appeal to try him on a court marshal. Even though he had killed a thousand odd SOLDIER's. The civilian deaths took priority.

Zack was told in court that they weren't SOLDIER or never been that they were straight plan military and had families and for his brutality and his excessive violence he was going to serve three life sentences. Then if he was still alive after that or when he died while in prison ShinRa military got access to him. Either way he's pretty boned.
So he decided not to use his mako strength to harm a single person again. He's trying to teach himself to be normal again.

(if mako is not allowed I'll just change it to something else Hojo did...)

Regarding: State Pen AU Embraceyourdreams

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Shinra Janitor
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Regarding: State Pen AU Empty
PostSubject: Re: Regarding: State Pen AU   Regarding: State Pen AU Icon_minitimeFri Mar 15, 2013 12:28 am

Well I'm back (now that the most stressful part of uni is over for this year...well...close enough) I thought I'd throw a new inmate in there. I've kept up with this thread as much as I can, but someone new being transferred wouldn't know what has happened before so that is going to be my waiver for any discrepancies in what I write XD)

let me know if it's too out of place with what's been going on - still trying to catch up XD

Angeal grew up in a quiet town, his mother was widowed not long after Angeal was born, he never did find out how his father died, no one ever talked about it when he was asked. After his mother fell ill, he took on work in one of the local farms to help support her. She passed away when he was a young teen, leaving him to fend for himself as he continued to work on the farm.

When the landowner disappeared and was taken over by someone else, he was kept on because he was hard working, even though people started going missing and mutilated bodies were turning up and all of the evidence pointed to him.

At nineteen he was convicted for several counts of premeditated murder and imprisoned for life, although even those that had watched him grow up believed his pleas of innocence and that he had been framed.

After a time in Junon prison, he started changing to adapt to prison life. His gentle nature was completely destroyed over the years, becoming the violent murderer that had been believed of him and he spent many years in solitary.

Angeal had a very extended time in solitary and when he came out he was no better, so they decided to have him transferred to Midgar where everyone else was just tucked away and forgotten about.

Will be posting as soon as I get round to it.
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PostSubject: Re: Regarding: State Pen AU   Regarding: State Pen AU Icon_minitime

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Regarding: State Pen AU
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