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 Rules of the Golden Saucer

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Rules of the Golden Saucer Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Golden Saucer   Rules of the Golden Saucer Icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2012 6:45 pm

General rules apply

No spam
No offensive behavior
If a game is of M rating please mark it so!

Text based games NOT for long RP's
You can play or your character can... up to you

Example of games that can be featured:

The ^ > V game
Answer a question with a question
The Confession Game
Caption Game
True or False / Guilty or Innocent
Word Association

If you have any games you wanna play to kill time while waiting for RP based replies
That's why I made this page... so definitely use it, make one up and away you go!

Rules of the Golden Saucer Embraceyourdreams

"Hnnnn... Well whatever I guess... Whaaaaaaaaaatever!"
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Rules of the Golden Saucer
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