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 Who is who (and what you might need to know so far)

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Who is who (and what you might need to know so far) Empty
PostSubject: Who is who (and what you might need to know so far)   Who is who (and what you might need to know so far) Icon_minitimeMon May 07, 2012 8:00 am

Okay this a no reply thread...
Since people have taken second characters. I'm just making this list here for me and anyone new who joins.
This section also includes locations for continuity purposes so if you forget where something is I'll try to keep it updated here.
It will be edited if members leave or if something is moved and such of course.

~*~Who is Who?~*~

Zack / Rufus / Hojo
Sephiroth / Denzel / Kunsel

Cloud / Vincent
Tseng / Yazoo / Cissnei
Reno / Kadaj / Dark Nation
Cid / Loz
Rosso / Angeal / Lazard

Players who are currently on tempoary leave due to real life issues or hiatus (explained in the "Absence Leave Form") have a * next to them.

~*~Where is everyone?~*~

Edge: Aerith, Angeal, Cloud, Kadaj, Sephiroth, Zack.
Forgotten City: Loz and Yazoo.
Grasslands: Hojo
Healin Lodge: Cissnei, Dark Nation, Denzel, Elena, Kunsel, Reno, Rufus, Tseng, Vincent.
Mideel: Genesis.
Shera 2.0: Cid.
WRO: Reeve.
Unknown: Rosso.

Last Spotted:
--Sometimes players have to leave, and they randomly drop of their character somewhere. If you take up one of these characters, it's your interpretation where they can start. This is just added info of where certain people have last been seen.

Marlene and Yuffie: At Healin Lodge.
Tifa: Was evacuating during the WRO attack to Healin, but never posted her arrival.
Jenova: Hibernating in Midgar

~*~Though I better do a where's where in the RP's version of the WRO~*~


Cid's ship is parked on the roof
Level 13 is the living quarters for the infected only. Incl shared kitchen, gym. Private rooms with onsuites.
Level 14 up is quarantined No Entry (due to previous outbreak of infected)
Level 12 is the Level dedicated to ShinRa Incl. shared kitchen, gym, private rooms with onsuites. Also incl employees offices.
Level 11 is where the main science Lab is located, and one of the weapons shop.
Level 1-5 is where the Materia shop and public showers ect, clothes can be located.

~*~Now for the JENOVA infected list~*~*



(Jenova has removed all her cells from others)
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Who is who (and what you might need to know so far)
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