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 On Display but Not For Sale [M]

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On Display but Not For Sale [M] - Page 9 Empty
PostSubject: Re: On Display but Not For Sale [M]   On Display but Not For Sale [M] - Page 9 Icon_minitimeFri Jun 01, 2012 6:20 pm

Sephiroth's gaze flickered downwards towards Zack. He may have been the General however he was not the ultimate authority in SOLDIER. No, he was the war leader, the meticulous actions such as promotions, assigning missions, filing reports, that was all left to Lazard. The man was good at his job, however he knew nothing of battle, and that was why he was needed.

"That is not my decision and I do not desire the need to explain to Lazard why either of us need a day off."

The hair was pushed out of his face and Sephiroth reached down and pulled Zack close, able to feel the soft kiss. Eyes shut as he wrapped an arm around Zack and allowed the light sleep to quickly claim him.

On Display but Not For Sale [M] - Page 9 Sephiroth-banner1
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On Display but Not For Sale [M]
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