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 This is Zack / Rufus / Hojo

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PostSubject: This is Zack / Rufus / Hojo   Wed Aug 24, 2011 4:43 pm

Okay I'll be RP-ing Zack...

First and formost I'm one of Weiss's closest friends for a long time now <3
I draw my own Manga and I've kinda started my own FFVII Doujinshin.
I sell Games for my job.
Female, Anime fan, Gamer Gurl, and K-pop addicted atm... ^^;

Why I picked Zack? Well apparently I have his attention span, I also talk to much irl, I get excited way too easy and one of my first jobs in Sydney, Aus one of the workers who was way older than me called me a youngan just a 'puppy' and the nickname kinda ended up sticking.
I get hyper on natural fruits and I enjoy my energy drinks.

I'm one of the three Admins on this board along with Vincent and Weiss...

So enjoy your stay and have fun... any queries just PM me <3
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This is Zack / Rufus / Hojo
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