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 Final Fantasy Main Story RP ARC II

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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy Main Story RP ARC II    Wed Dec 07, 2011 12:12 pm

I almost lost myself? No! Jenova was getting to me, I couldn't let that happen! Taking a shakey breath, trying to hide my fear of becoming Jenova's daughter, I gave little nod. "Yeah, rest might be good." It might also clear my head of the several scary thoughts plaguing my mind. "But don't sleep too far away from me, just in case something happens again."
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy Main Story RP ARC II    Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:36 pm

"I won't," Nanaki promised, bumping his head against Yuffie's hand. This would be a good way to see if physical contact would aid his effort at all. Hopefully she wouldn't have to depend completely on his being at touching distance; that would cripple his ability to fight. He could use materia, but it was always much easier to throw himself at an opponent. "We'll set off in the morning. I'm sure Reeve has some vehicle we can use to get there quickly." He led the two ladies down the hall.

((Last post for us. We'll pick it up next arch. Very Happy ))
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy Main Story RP ARC II    Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:57 pm

Zack wiped some sand off him as he walked off the beach, ready to look for somewhere to eat. He was sure Sephiroth was behind him, least he hoped the former General was.

Walking up to a hot dog stand he stood in the cue and stretched, then slapped his forehead seeing the gaping hot dog vendor point behind him. Zack mentally flinched at his stupidity. He'd forgotten after all that to retract his wings and to do so now would just draw more attention.
"Uuuuuh costume party." He lied quickly. "I'm going as a... dark angel." He mentally hit himself over the back of the head.

He pointed to the most cram packed display picture at the hotdog stand. "Everything on it." He stated.
Zack had no idea why he was hungry all the time, he just was, it had been like that since he was revived and Jenova did that funky inside his head job. He did a quick J check and found she wasn't there- for now which meant she was probably currently occupied.

Paying the vendor, he turned round walking up to Sephiroth. He managed to pile half of the dog in his mouth munching on it. It had been a while since he'd been here, last time it was forced vacation. This time is was a mission and that was how he preferred to see this place.
There was the glow of something green int he distance. Zack found himself peering round Sephiroth trying to get a better look.

A silver haired figure dressed in black with the green neon stripes caught his attention. Zack swallowed his hot dog and moved past Sephiroth quickly.
"Weiss..." Zack realized who it was.
His hand was ready to go to the sword, he saw Weiss touch a corpse in the distance and it faded into nothing but a burst of green light floating up skyward.
Zack's hand dropped to his side in shock. To see that on the screen was one thing but to witness a corpse return to life stream in particles in person that was something else.
"Here's hope he comes in peace." Zack whispered, because they needed to get onto part two of this mission... which right now Zack had mentally forgotten in his moment of shock.

[END OF ARC PEOPLE'S!!!! the ooc boards will remain open (for x-mas and NY wishes) as well as the AU threads (namely because those ones are less active) So if you wanna wing out any plot bunnies in the ooc board in the mean time go for it!]
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy Main Story RP ARC II    

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Final Fantasy Main Story RP ARC II
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