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 Info: Skype Group

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PostSubject: Info: Skype Group   Info: Skype Group Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2013 7:25 am

Hello everyone!

We have a Skype group, which I am very excited about. I will be inviting all our Members to join; however, due to previous happenings, I would like to let everyone be aware of a couple things:

1) All Members will be asked to join before they are added. I will not add you right away because your contact security and privacy is important.

2) New Members will be added. This means that if you are in the group, new members who wish to join will be added to the group. If you feel you may not be 100% comfortable with new people having access to your Skype contact info, you should make note of this.

3) Only Members will have access to the group. You do not have to worry about Lurkers or random strangers. I will also point out that these new Members have passed their application and are now your board mates.

4) You may come and go as you please, as long as you are a Member.

This Group chat is not the most active at the moment, and I doubt it ever will be. You shouldn't feel left out or anything like that if you have no access to skype or do not wish to be a part of it. Again, I am sorry for any inconveniences and if you wish to leave the Skype group, that is completely your choice. There is nothing wrong with not being in the group chat. The majority of the communication between us will happen in the OOC area or the chatbox on the bottom of our index page.

~Nero / Cloud / Vin

"I'm not fit to help anyone. Not my family, not my friends, nobody."
--Cloud Strife
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Info: Skype Group
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