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 God Moding

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PostSubject: God Moding   God Moding Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 8:31 pm

No God Moding!

First off what is God Moding?
It is basically superman with the ability to block the affects of Kryptonite.

It is super awesome mode that can not exist because every body has to have a weakness...
It is also moving a character without permission.
Even just making their character reply in your post when you wrote it not them.
Don't put words in their mouth.
It is making your attack hit them and not giving them a chance to counter.


How to avoid God Moding

- Every character has weaknesses and limitations. Endurance, energy, stamina etc... know those limitations.
- In a fight EVERY character has holes in their defense and they can't dodge every single attack!
- Do not use outside knowledge unless it is within your characters abilities to do so. (outside knowledge being you know how to defeat due to playing the game)
- Jack-of-all-trades does not apply. Your character can not be good at everything and have everything ready for a battle. There are no a million and one slots available no matter how awesome you are.
- Every ability/accessory has weakness and limitations as well. Limited number of uses, charging time, limited range etc etc.
- Write your attacks as attempts in order to give the other a chance to dodge/deflect/take the hit
- Know your equipment, know your attacks. Each character will only be able to equip a certain number of materia and they will have certain abilities and then there’s also MP to take into consideration, there is no endless magic


But my character is a master dodger!

No such thing, eventually they’ll be hit. Zack gets hit, Cloud gets hit, Sephiroth gets hit.

Can I use such and such attack?

Unless you’re Jenova make sure it’s an equipable skill and have the materia for it. Remember you can’t attack everyone if you don’t have an all materia joined with it.

Can I use so and so’s Limit Break?

That depends on your character. For example Zack cannot use Vincent’s limit breaks. Why? Simple, he can’t transform into a demon. He can’t use Barret’s. Why? Not the right type of weapon. Also there’s basic skill level. What is the skill level of your character? Could they logically master that attack and they cannot master an attack that belongs to another character if they have never seen it. For example Sephiroth could probably use omnislash however Kunsel probably couldn't. Why? Kunsel has never seen omnislash and he doesn’t have the skill level necessary.

But my attack never misses!

Trust that the other person knows what attacks cannot be dodged and remember they can always send an attack straight back at you.

Why can’t I kill them?

Because that’s not fair. You wouldn’t want someone else killing your character so you can’t roleplay. Want an IC reason? The lifestream has ejected all the souls to repair itself so logically it doesn’t want souls and would eject any more that came. They’d die and then come back. Or we can just say we have a little fairy floating around phoenix downing everyone.

But I’m using death on the entire party!

And if you’ve played any of the games you’ll remember the success rate for death, it’s the player’s decision whether it hits and many characters especially the baddies are invulnerable to all status effects including death.

I’m going to do it anyways because I am the most powerful person in the world!

Don’t do this, if you purposely disregard the rules there will be punishment.

But what about other types of god modding?

It’s pretty simple, don’t decide what other characters say, don’t decide what they’re going to do unless you are given express permission by the player to move them.

But I really need so and so but they aren’t played!

We have an NPC account! See the NPC account thread for more information.

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God Moding
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