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 NPC Account

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PostSubject: NPC Account   Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:14 pm

Okay the rules for using the NPC account

No spamming the board in the OOC threads. NPC account is for RP use only AU RP can be included within limitations.
(not for pronz for a character that has not been taken yet, that you might want to have sexual relations with.)

2/ Place an image of said cannon character at the beginning of post from 50X50-150x150 no links.

3/ PM me for password to use NPC account

4/ No altering the profile/password once you have access to account, which mean no signature banners or changing profile pic or location.

5/ Do NOT use for a character that is already taken.

6/ Ask permission to use NPC before doing so. If you don't know the password I will PM it to you.
(ask me or Seph for use, it will be yes, but I'd like to know who has access to the account and on what days)

These are the rules so far... if you have any questions just shoot, or any other rules that you might want to add feel free to post them below or leave me a message. But face it just use your common sense when using this account.
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NPC Account
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